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  1. Hey, I am no longer whitelisted, but on my application it says im still whitelisted.
  2. With who's help? Congrats though! Told you that you'd get accepted this time around! with your help ofcourse thanks. My ingame name is brandon miller
  3. Haha, why thank you! I'm sure he may have it now. If not, I'll send him over to you Tom! Thank you boss Pherousa would you like me to mark this as solved or do you need more help? I understand it now. You can mark it as solved ^^
  4. Yes but if i kill someone, then they cant take revenge on me because of the new life rule, that they need to "forget" how they died in there previous life, or is that then overruled by the KoS rule? Got another scenario: Thief/attempt to steal When i come back to my parked car i see a stranger trying to get into my car, i identify myself and tell him thats my car and he has 10 seconds to go away or i will open fire, Then i hold him under gunpoint, then the stranger starts shooting and then I KoS
  5. Hey, so i made a whitelist application because my KoS was not detailed enough i got rejected. I came up with a better explanation and scenario and asking for people to review it and what you think of it. ^^ Bandit/robber scenario. As i see a lone wolf on the road, I approach him and i tell him my name is brandon and i am a bandit, then I tell the person he has 10 seconds to drop his gun or i will shoot in his foot/leg. When he does not comply i shoot him in the foot, then i bandage him up and give him a blood bag. When he drops his gun, i give him another command to drop his food/cloths. If he complies, I will give him 1 piece of food and something to defend himself against zombies. If a savior starts shooting as i try to rob/threaten the victim I am allowed to shoot the victim in the head. The good samaritan "Savior" As I walk on the road i see a bandit holding up a poor civillian, as i approach him i identify myself and give the bandit a command to lower his weapon, if he does not reply i give him a warning shot, if he still not replies i shoot him in the head and help the civillian. After i shot the bandit The bandit has a 2 hour timer from the moment i shot him in the foot to take revenge/KoS me. (As a good samaritan i am allowed to shoot the bandit without a warning if i am sure he is holding somebody up and it wont injure the the civillian. For example, if i see one bandit holding up a civvilian i can take him out because it is a 1v1, but if i see a 3v1 it is risky and i can injure the civillian. What you guys think is this a good explanation?
  6. Hey, I am new to these forums I dont have much experience with RP, but want to give it a try. Anyone that want to help me and maybe rp together? ^^