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  1. Photography, that was my hobby growing up. You need patience and a good eye. Its an art form you know? Knowing the right time to take the perfect shot. You wouldn't think a guy like me would have a knack for this sort of job. But when your father is a strict military Irish catholic you wouldn't have the balls to tell him you'd rather go to an art college. "You'll piss your life away!" and all that. So I trade one lens for another. Luckily its pretty much the same. I sure did 'ol daddy' proud, earning my keep among the 75th Rangers. You'll always remember your first, yeah you're doing orders but its a picture that haunts you forever. But it allowed me to hone my craft so I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. It wasn't long after that bomb blew off when I got transferred for a new assignment starting with a CIA contact. I was told there would be no team, no contact, and no evidence tracing me back to back home. The details didn't phase me but rather where I was going. It should of been obvious but I'l be honest, I wasn't a fan of going right into the heart of it all. So in the cover of night I cross the border on foot. Just another survivor caught in a tragic incident. You know...I really don't get too personal. It sucks really, Because if I did. I'd have to kill you.
  2. My name is Marko, I grew up most of my life in Berezino with my younger sister and mother. When we were younger, my mother would always take us camping out in the countryside. She learned it from her father, a real outdoors man. There I learned to hunt, it wasn't something we did often but mother would always say, "How will you get food god forbid if the stores have nothing on the shelves?. Natia, my sister, would always drop the rifle and cry into my mothers chest. She could never hurt a fly. Always empathetic. Coming home with a sick cat or a wounded owl in a box, crying out to us that they need our help. We would always try to help her efforts, in a way it felt like giving back to nature after we've taken from it. That same empathy I learned from my sister I dedicated my life into helping the people around me. My friends and neighbors. This was my place in the world. In recent times however, I feel like I didn't help anyone at all. I couldn't save the two most important people in my life. But they would be disappointed if I gave up now. There are more sick and wounded outside our doorstep. And the world has forgotten of its good nature, I will remind them.
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