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"Carbon 9 gon put you in past tense"

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  1. @SynO

    Pls Respond

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  2. Honestly I didnt even think about this but now that I am it makes total sense that the animals would migrate due to the gas invading their original places. +1 from me cheif
  3. New Record 3.4 seconds

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      Death to 308.

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      twas fun

  4. Hmph, well boys all I gotta say is Im hyped for this Slava Chernarus
  5. I think it could be a cool addition and make the group pages more unique. +1 from me.
  6. Yes plz, I would have it as 1 pkm on the server at a time and limit the amount of scars and FALS to how FALS were back in Livonia days. Those times were pretty well balanced in my opinion.
  7. If anyone can help a guy out with making graphics for a character page, Plz Hmu 🙂

  8. Congrats, even more stinky now

    Rhyming Leonardo Dicaprio GIF

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      Thanks Frosty 😂

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  10. Born in the midst of Chicago, Jacob became a well known soul. Diving into drugs and gang violence at a young age put him in the direct line of fire for incarceration. At the age of 15 he was arrested for attempted armed robbery of a gas station and felony fleeing from police units. He was sentenced to 3 years of jailtime as it was his first offense and his young age. After he was released with such small time, he was thought of as a snitch. The people he once ran with thought he had gone and spilled his guts and got a shorter sentence. Everywhere he turned he was attemptedly killed or called a
  11. ImFrosty

    My fuckin brother

    Yessir also @Elrod, No.
  12. Imma have to agree with my boy @ImKrullix here. HostileRP is the most realistic and IMO beneficial type of RP that could be on the server. It can bring about so many storylines and different things within the server, if done correctly ofc. Also I would just like to say, this here is sum facts. I want it back to where there were ak's, m4's, and the occasional FAL or M1A socom. I miss raiding bases or being in firefights and finding a FAL and being excited asf.
  13. Hello Fellow roleplayer @TryaxReck, lemme point out some things that were entirely incorrect with your message here. Not sure what you are talking about here because I can assure you the only time we have "camped" the trader is when the Bridgewaters were still affiliated with Dead Horse and were trying to stop Spero's supply runs from the Western Trader. (That is if you consider sitting at a trader for 30 minutes "camping") I am very sorry you feel this way about our RP as we have been trying to seriously get some real RP done and improve the Bridgewater Name as it was
  14. So this is an inevitable issue that you cannot fix because Dayz is awful when it comes to vehicles. I promise you if you begin driving and steering and all that, it will smooth out, it will not alter your driving or anything, it is simply just the car bouncing a little bit. You should be able to drive normally. Hope that Helps.
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