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  1. Yo My POV Was goin to berenzino to go get the people who were suspected to have robbed the shop. After switching characters to my chechen to go do some chechen RP at the pub after realizing that the people who robbed the shop were gone. Upon finding out that russians were in the area, we began setting up and the initiation dropped, to which the firefight ensued.
  2. Seems simple enough as they do seem very rare. Havent actually looted or found much myself.
  3. My clip that I provided in my POV clearly shows around 7 people run out after he was killed after running away. Also I would like to point out that this interaction and RP was not for the gear as the only gear we even took off of the ones that complied was some ammo and the truck. This interaction was for questioning about all of the shop workers and their involvement with the break-in at the shop. But even though Jake non-complied we gave the rest of the people hostile rp and even used them as informants. I will not post anymore unless asked by staff.
  4. POV So I had run down into stary when I was told that the truck that was stolen was here full of people. Upon arriving we questioned them then dropped the yeet. After giving the man lotsss of time to comply, he decides to drive away and we gat em. There were over 8 of us for sure so this is blatantly NVFL. https://streamable.com/o6vxsa
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      Literally had I aimed a cm lower it'd have been bang on 😭

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      ik bro that shit was mad funny, gg's tho 🙂

  5. Great RP always given from these lads. Very cool and funny group to run into.
  6. Looks cool. Good luck with this!
  7. Group is cool asf so far. Already received very intriguing RP from these boys. Good luck and I cant wait to see how this group continues!
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      He whipped dat hoe

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    3. ImKrullix


      on gawd

    4. ImFrosty


      thas on gawd

    5. Taffinator
  8. Looks...interesting. Hope to see you guys in game and see your RP. Best of luck!
  9. This was not our intention and was our first day as playing on our new characters. The person that led the initiation had been talked to as we literally told everyone to be as civil and understanding as possible. Therefore, we do not enforce the "no pork" thing anymore. Also the people that were initiated on were returned all of their items and were apologized to. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope to see you in game as well.
  10. Thanks so much for the feedback! We cannot express our gratitude to you and @The Preacher for the rp that you gave to us! We have been showing our "Informational" side of our characters so much and this interaction gave us the opportunity to show our real Chechen side of our characters and we cannot thank you enough. The pain rp and everything that you guys provided was absolutely immaculate and we cannot thank you enough for the interaction and feedback!
  11. yessir, time to spread the word of allah
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