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  1. Nikolai was born in the slums of Ukraine. After constant abuse from his parents all of his life, he decided to run away from home. After living on the streets for a while, he saw all of the people signing up for the local military. With nothing to do and no home to return to, he enlisted. After going through his training for 2 years he was finally allowed to go on his first mission. Excited to finally be able to help his country, he began taking pictures of everywhere he went. Camera at his side, he arrives at the country of Chernarus to cleanse it.
  2. I think this could turn wild real quick. If people just randomly fire 3 warning shots at someone and they think they are purposely being KOS’ed, they are gonna fire back at the person before their 3rd warning shot is off and It is then KOS on that person.
  3. Born in the backwoods of Louisiana, Charles and Tristan were a wild set of brothers. They were always getting themselves caught up into some sort of trouble. When they began going to school, there was a kid in Tristan's class that shared the same name as him. After being seen reading a book about animals that lived up north in the snowy regions, he was given the nickname "Frosty". This nickname followed him everywhere and eventually it followed him home where his mother and father called him this. After they turned into teenagers, they began experimenting with firearms and other things they could get their hands on. They would always end up going out to the sugarcane fields and end up shooting off their guns or go out squirrel or rabbit hunting in the woods. After getting mixed up in the wrong crowd of friends, Tristan began diving into drugs and alcohol. Charles disapproved of this heavily and just wanted his wild brother back instead of "some slumped over druggy." After sustaining multiple DUI's and public intoxication charges, Tristan was locked up. Charles became very upset and decided he had to get away for a bit. After booking a cruise, Charles set out to Europe, to see the area. At the age of 18, Tristan's 3 year sentence was finally up. He rushed home to look for Charles but found his father and mother alone. After informing him that his brother had left 3 years prior, Tristan began booking a flight to the same area that Charles was last heard from. Tristan arrives at Russia, then begins his journey through the different parts that Charles had been. Eventually finding his way to a country named "Chernarus". They arrive at the border where their vehicle is thoroughly searched and it is seen that they are very serious about people not bringing in unneeded items. After asking around, Tristan finds out that Charles had been in the region for the 3 years and had been in the small country. He begins looking around, with no luck finding his brother. Eventually he dove back into his drugs and sustained his addiction to opioids again. The country was soon locked off and nobody was allowed in or out. Tristan prepared for the worst and began acquiring whatever he could in order to find his brother Charles and make their way from the uncharted lands and back to Louisiana.
  4. 1. YEET

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  5. Aye song goes hard bai, thats why I got it on ma character page for da boi 


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      Which character?

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      Da boy, Jonny Croak

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  6. I don’t see a reason why not, plus repairing shit is key. +1
  7. I think the thigh rigs and the custom storage in all clothing would be pretty badass. Although for the belts, we already have that. We can put the holster and an IFAK pouch on it for storage so I don’t think we need anything more. Although I will say I miss the tactical belt that had pouches on it and allowed for 35 slots of storage.
  8. Never congratulated you folks on your approval. Ive gotten and seen nothing but immaculate RP come out of this and I cant wait to see what it has in store for the future.
  9. Always loved the BMW, I would love to see it back again. +1
  10. Why not, adds some more diversity +1
  11. Sakon was born in the small home that his mother owned in Severograd. With his father working for the Chernarussian military, it was only him and his unemployed mother. They strived every day to do whatever they could to get some money to keep their home before they were evicted. Sakon eventually enlisted in the border patrol for Chernarus to get some income to support his mother. Stationed at the Western Evacuation Point, he began his training. After being taught how to use his weapons, he was then taught how Chernarus needed to be kept pure and sacred and no foreigners should be allowed on their lands. When the infection hit, the border patrol were instructed to quartantine the whole country, but when it got worse, Sakon abandoned his station and drove back home to Severograd to get his mother. Upon arriving, the town was completely overrun and chaotic. He runs to his home, and opens the door to see his mother, lying in a pool of blood. Sakon grabs her, laying her in his lap, as she whispers through blood "Take...care...yourself." He looks down to see that she has a bit mark clearly on the right side of her neck. She closes her eyes slowly and takes her last breath. Sakon lays her down, knowing what he has to do he draws his firearm and shoots his mother. Running away from the barren town, he meets up with more Chernarussian nationalists and they begin taking back Chernarus. Doing what he was taught and sticking to it, Sakon protects his motherland.
  12. I really enjoyed the Ocelari's hostile RP when I had began playing my character Jamie Smith. It was like my second day playing and I was held up for conspiring with the "drug dealers" (The AJ line), and was questioned about their motives and everything they were doing in the country. I found it very interesting and immersive because they really stuck to what real Chernarussian's would want to know about drug dealers in their country. That was by far my favorite hositleRP moment for sure. @Panda and the others that I cant remember Good Job!
  13. profile song is a bop lil homie


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  14. yeah disregard my original post, i was looking at an old rule. I dum
  15. Ah disregard, I was looking at old rule. I dum. I see where you come from.
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