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  1. We believed the firefight was over because when we spoke to the volki guy at prud(who was saying he wasnt volki) he stated that he thought volki was at the gas station. Our intentions to move into the area were only to speak to them if they were truly there, and due to the info we aquired that supposedly volki were there, we believed the firefight had finished. Sidenote: The person SDS warned in the video and IC at the gas station was NOT RSU. Therefore we never made contact.
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    Testing out S3

    1rst person only? Only feature that is not going to make me join..
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-mis-id-kos-at-radiostation Why the verdict is not fair: It was a legit KOS.. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I wanted to write a ban Appeal because my verdict in my opinion was far from correct. When we arrived at the scene we had only been there 2 - 5 minutes and had a very very small time frame to leave, along with only seeing the bodies near the end of that timeframe. We were about to leave but before we could they fired upon us. Let me be clear. WE NEVER MADE CONTACT WITH SDS AND WE NEVER GOT ANY VERBAL WARNING FROM THEM IG. We were in the tree line waiting for a few seconds and out of no where were fired upon by a sniper. Therefore, we had not even been there long enough to have time to leave the area which we arrived in because we had not yet acknowledged the danger in the area. Also, in the video - - at 5:25 to 5:35 is the moment they first actually see and understand that we are coming over the hill we were located on. Therefore they could have never given us prior warning like they said if we hadn't even arrived in the area yet! Also, we had not heard gunshots for some time at that point and believed it was over. Even when we arrived at the scene no shots were fired other than the ones from some time ago. Secondly, in the video - - at 1:10 they clearly acknowledge our presence in the area by saying, "Wait that cant be them, because the guy with the red beret is right here." This clearly shows that they had a conflict of thought wondering if RSU was on the Hill or if they were one of the bodies.So my question is this. If someone comes across a "active firefight zone" for a very short period of time, doesnt have time to retreat, and is shot with no initiation or verbal warning, its their fault? No, its a mis-identification of targets and a KOS. There was no warning given whatsoever. To continue, in the video posted - - they clearly acknowledge RSU being there. Therefore, when going to fire they understood we were in the area. So again my question is, if they acknowledged RSU being in the vicinity of the gas station, why would they just open fire on us? Also, the man (Spike9) with the al-takiszh skin is NOT an RSU member. He had no correlation to our group and therefore him witnessing anything does not relate to us knowing about the firefight that SDS was at (That we didnt hear for atleast 15 minutes before we entered). Finally, on multiple occasions in the video (7:15, and 5:25 - 5:37) they clearly state the skins of the DA members compared to ours. They KNEW who they were in a firefight with and what skins they had, yet fired upon us with completely different skins which they also acknowledge at 7:15. This is what i need to say and this is why this is in no ways a false report. They clearly understood we were there, not involved, and had different skins yet still fired. To sum it up: -You got warned. - Never warned, never even talked to SDS. -You stayed. - We were there for a good 1-3 minutes or less. (From the video.) -You saw bodies. - We didn't see bodies at-all. No SDS or DA bodies only ones from a firefight like 2 hours before. -You heard shots. - 15 Or more minutes before; we were told Volki was at the Gas Station from a man claiming that he wasn't Volki (He was.) Therefore we went to see Volki not imagining there would be a firefight ongoing. -You stayed. - We sat there for a good 1-3 minutes and then I was killed; SDS had claimed to see us -You died. - I was getting shot at and was trying to roll to cover. -You made a Report. - Because I was KoSed. -False Report. - I don't see how it was a false report AT-ALL. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Getting Unbanned, remove my warning points and remove the banstrike What could you have done better?: Nothing EXTRA INFORMATION I WOULD LIKE TO SAY:SDS took down the video..i'll reupload it for you admins so you can see it and I'll take it down when this report is done. Kind of weird why they wanted to take down the video right when I make a ban appeal but okay. Maybe they did that on purpose to get me banned or something..i dont know This is the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v18n4f0sGw&feature=youtu.be They can take down their videos anytime they want..i just find it weird they do that right when I make my ban appeal about their POV.. Links are replaced.
  4. Intresting..I like it. I would obviously win the tournament by far but there is no prize so sadly, I won't attend the tournament.
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    Radio Broadcast

    ty for taking my credits doesnt matter. i did it for the group
  6. Hey guys! I've got permission for personal use on a animation I think is sick! I decided to add "DayZ RP" tag on the bottem left corner since I was allowed by them. Credits Cinematics by Karwin: http://www.youtube.com/user/kleutscher And nnuuVIDS: http://www.youtube.com/user/nnuuVIDS They are the brilliant people that made the animations [video=youtube]
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    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned because your name has Ginger in it.
  8. TP...lets see how long this one will last..
  9. @develdogm5, I have to agree with you on that
  10. Thanks man! Hopefully the Whitelist starts accepting new applications
  11. Well...I kinda already introduced myself in the plug.dj ( That dude that posted the awesome 80's song ) But to the others...Here I am...Presenting HI!..