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  1. I hope for more events in the future, it was a great event
  2. Abdulaziz Baghdadi was a spice master when it came to food. He would spice any food that you throw at him. He would try to teach others in his community to become a spice master. He came to chernarus to teach the chernorussians the ways of the spice. Abdulaziz would apply to the local restaurants to teach the chefs the mastery of the spice. When the infection hit he used this time to learn more about the native spices. He also knew how to use his rifle to force the spices on to people to get them to love the spice.
  3. I wake up and talk to @HDragon, @Biegerand @Decetheus for 5-10 mins. @HDragon went to get nails and to pick up @ChaseRP. About 1-2mins after he left he states that he sees the OP's at the military checkpoint at Rify. @HDragon radios he has past a vehicle that is possibly has two Chernarussians in a open top UAZ one in the back standing up and one driving that was following @HDragon. after hearing this @MrBurke(me) , @MrPlasse , and @Decetheus start to run south towards @HDragon to support him. @HDragon radios he is being engaged by the Chernarussian OP. After hearing gunshots through the radio and it going static, @MrBurke(me) , @MrPlasse , and @Decetheus continue down south on the eastern highway to possible see the the Chernarussian that had just engaged @HDragon. We see the the open top UAZ containing the driver , a passenger , and the standing gunner driving north bound on the eastern highway away from the scene of the engagement. We engage the Chernarussian OP and kill them. i die to a rocket because @MrPlasse had shot the rocket at the car to kill the remaining OP in cover. i die to the splash damage and i acknowledge this adn forgive @MrPlasse.
  5. I think it would be fun RP to have the chess board back. just a fun game to play in my opinion.
  6. Happy one year anniversary of joining dayzrp!

  7. I'm ready to see what this group has to offer it's gunna be fun
  8. On the 9th of December we raided your base but idk who @duplessis - Vyacheslav Jelinek is. on the 9th yea we blew up the wall with nads but nades have splash so it destroyed other walls. The people who were there were raiding with me who I remember is @YAKMOUTH @Potato @Hampze @HDragon
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