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  1. Born who knows where , somewhere on the coast of river Dunav in North Serbia. City that once stood proudly upon its banks , the city of white or what its name was "Beograd" aka Belgrade. Nowdays , just another ruin. The plague and those damn "zivi mrtvaci" aka Zombies where everywhere thus the group of survivors that hid so deep in Belgrade old city walls catacombs had prepared all of its members in basic survival and tactical knowledge. The worst part of it all wasn't them but the other groups of survivors so call " razbojnici" they robbed , raped and killed just for fun most of the time. Such faith sadly occured one day as Milos was sleeping outside on a scavenger hunt in one of its high buildings towering above Dunav. Only a few survivors managed to pull out and take the ship which they had stashed just for such circumstances. Milos ran for his life as he was spotted by the patrol of the "razbojnici" , he shot one and got shot in the cross fire in the upper part of his right shoulder thus making it impossible to shoot back and fight anymore. He managed to pull some strength and escape the building trough the service elevator shaft. Then he jump into the river and luckly got pull up by some of his groups members. They went up north up the river flow hopping to find a place to start over hoping that vast forrests and smaller communities would be better option for survival. After a month of travel they reach some place called Nyheim hoping it would make a better place to settle. But in this life nothing is simple as it seems. Thus his adventure begins.
  2. Hello Staff, I'd like to ask for forgiveness and sincere apology from my side as I've realised I did a stupid thing with making that troll character. Due to not being too interested in making real character lore and story as I've used to while playing on the server for all those hours and seasons. I've learned it the hard way sadly. I'd like a chance to turn a page and make a new proper character to play with all my friends and new people who are currently playing. Apology for inconvenience once again. Thanks in advance. Ricka.
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