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  1. finally back and stuff see ya guys in-game -Michael Brazen
  2. ReDux

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a PID reset . //Pandi: I have reset your PID, go in to the donation exchange and re-enter it.
  3. lmao i love how everyone's like "w.e cya", well i guess that it's kinda understandable because i was barely playing on the servers and didn't know anyone.
  4. So yeah, i'm sorry that i haven't been able to play lately because i've been really busy with my life, i will start playing again once i get everything sorted out and have time. Untill i come back, Michael Brazen has left the wonderful lands on DayZRP.
  5. Finally got accepted, failed the first time because i didn't explain the KoS rule clearly. Anyways See ya guys in-game EDIT. I won't be able to be active for the next 4 weeks because i'm going to this camp, but i should be able to play after that.
  6. So yeaah, don't know really what should i say about myself, maybe some basic stuff like - I'm from Finland (Europe), and i'm 18 year old male with a good sense of a humor (you know you won't survive long in a zombie apocalypse if you take everything too seriously. Anyways I'm looking forward to see you people in-game, IF you happen to see me Say hai or something (: ign : Michael Brazen Peace.