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  1. I know I'm not @iswearimjapanesebut I was there and I told him to check him but only after Eperry volunteered to put his hands up he stated something along the lines of I can put my hands up and you guys can check me for weapons if you want Because I did accuse him earlier in the truck that this situation looked rather suspect and that I'd like him to wait in the truck while I bandaged I didn't threaten him or anything with that though just asked that he wait inside
  2. So I had gone to help this man unstick his truck with my band of mechanics and as we are going up our UAZ takes a poo and dies so we walk the rest of the way maybe 200m or so we were quite close so we get up there and handle this problem in quite spectacular fashion I would say and I inform the man there that we did break down on the way to them and that in return for coming to help them we would like to use that truck to ferry people back where we came from and then he can have it. I go to take him to show him the totaled UAZ and it's despawned but either way as I turned around to go back some bum runs up like hey stop the truck and I being the best truck pilot this side of Chernarus give him a "nah I'm good" and head on my way to which he's not very happy about and starts shooting. He nics me once not too bad thought I get up the road and stop to bandage all while talking to the man with me in the truck (doublemic) I tell him for my safety don't get out of the truck while I'm bandaging to which he says he's completely ok with. I link back up at the bridge with my fellow mechanics and the guy with us goes ahead and makes the offer to put his hands up so we can check him for weapons and I say sure and for Mr Smulders to go check. Nearly as soon as he goes over to check him the poor man's shot. I then proceed to tell the man who's truck we fixed a way out of that situation to flank into the woods and that we will meet him back soon and I watch to see that he gets away and then I go and hop in the Ol' Big Beuford and pull a lil serpentine manuverin and am on my way. Afaik the man that shot Smulders never interacted with him in any way and seeing the new light of this situation where this friend of the sniper made an offer to put their hands up for him to check for weapons I'd say if anything that's baiting we never took anything off him nor did anyone plan to and he was never attempted to be restrained.
  3. My POV: We were fresh off grabbing a flatbed truck and decided to go see if we could pull another high profile job at the bar again see how it went. We get there and already we consider passing by as there's 6 people to our 4 at the start of this but overhear from the bar that Milos has us made from earlier with a "that's them" or something of the like so we are green for the mission at that point seeing as we are engaged with the occupants. We manage to restrain everyone move them inside and strip their weapons and radios. One guy goes about chopping a door (intended to only be a one door quick snatch n grab op) but slips the mouse last minute and ends up having to start over. Also around this time a radio transmission is sent out advertising what is going on. But those variables aside we are still in what is probably the most high traffic area in Chernarus with only 3 people able to be rifled. Seeing as we also don't know for sure if we got everyone in the area that's involved with the bar inside we don't really want any passers by to hear said hostages nor do we particularly want them to have to hear our voice more than needed. Seeing as this high stress environment we made wasn't the most entertaining for those in the hostage position I do apologise but I feel our actions were not as far as BadRP I did make a few attempts at engaging with the hostages in ways to help keep them quiet. But I feel it is still reasonable in such high tension situation to want some silence.
  4. Will post POV later this afternoon busy movin rn
  5. @AlmondMilk Would you like to join HD and talk out what happened mate? It might be a misunderstanding
  6. I was one of the people involved here we chased the accused from the black Olga all the while shouting to stop as he ran up into the woods and he eventually stopped once he was quite outnumbered and one person shouted hands up 3 2 1 and then Mr Pastel @iswearimjapanese gave him another 3 2 1 under threat of death and then even stated once more since he seemed confused he has to comply or we will have to kill him but we don't want to and then he gave a final 3 2 1 and opened fire.
  7. We found a car and were just out looting military zones and on our way back down south from Troitskoe I think its spelled we went thru the summer camp cus its got some barracks there n med bay n we needed some meds and we see this UAZ (which died on me on the way home goin up a hill would like refund) and a metal door just hangin out coverin the bar. So with some inspection we wanted the UAZ seeing as we've not driven one before but the wheels are missing. We figured they were inside and we happened to have some stuff on us we were usin for melee weapons that would take the doors down, so we did found the tires packed all the tools n whatnot from the barrels into the cabinets, carried em out to the jeep loaded em up and away we went into the night. (until the UAZ died leaving us stranded with wolves)
  8. Military pilot born in Ohio was flying supply runs in and out of chernarus when outbreak happened. Continued to run sordies from a south airfield in chernarus to help the people who were starving as well as people that needed weapons. Always loved to fly since a young age natural born pilot can fly anything. Always loved to help people even if it wasnt in his best interest. This is a main reason why he continued to fly in and out of chernarus even after the outbreak. Crashed in Chernarus after engine failure
  9. As I already stated we told them we both spawned went past him into the cop shop grabbed weapons and came back out when he pulled out a melee weapon to kill a zombie we initiated said hands up he swapped back to his weapon and started walking backwards for a good 5 seconds and I blasted him stempist put some more rounds in him after I did since I only had the one round in the shotty wanted to b sure he was dead The video will explain more
  10. Nice pictures my man hope doc is stayin safe and not causin TOO many problems Keep the dream alive friends
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done. We did not use any OOC knowledge. We did not have ill intent seeing as we left some barrels behind at the main structure they were living in as well as locked the door behind us. And we had IC reasoning proportionate to the damage done as we saw signs of activity in the area and it being dangerous situation we were in and the fact that we were going to be passing through there multiple times and almost crashed and killed us all on said roadblock together make for decent IC reasoning to begin deconstruction of said roadblock. As far as taking a different path goes ICly we do not normally explore places this far from home as we are normally in the north we had no way to know if there was a better access route. As for being proportionate to damage done like I stated before we specifically did not go after the building used for housing/storage and we locked it back up when we were done. The only structural damage we were responsible for was this roadblock for which we feel we had sufficient IC reasoning at that time to work to take down. As you can see we did get one full lane unblocked But we were all much too exhausted at the time to find additional tools to deconstruct more of the blockage but felt one lane to be good enough for the night. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We did not have any ill mannered intent to the owners of said roadblock past securing ourselves safe passage. I personally did also try to make amends for damage done here and was turned down. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The ban/points removed/reduced punishment as a char wipe for everyone involved here doesn't seem to have much to do with what happened here What could you have done better?: Investigated new paths at the location to find an easier access point
  12. Wow that's rather unreasonable and hate filled like alot of these posts coming from you have felt my man. Honestly need to chill I've tried to see what we could do to remedy this in an agreeable way for everyone and was met with no care for it. It feels if your sole intentions here are just getting people banned that it's kinda sucky and takes away from RP in general when it doesn't seem to be at the top of your mind.
  13. That would be part of the reasoning as to why we needed to get through multiple times. And as far as circling around goes it was rather late and we honestly didn't know there was alternate access. That would have made things much easier but we've never really been bright enough to work smart not hard sadly as we are just some jellyheads
  14. It would be because we had intention to take this road multiple times and not knowing the intent of this defense past slowing people down it posed a danger to ourselves immediately seeing as we were making multiple trips and it could easily have been used to hold people up driving through it.
  15. We still did not strip your actual base IE doors wires lock etc. We simply removed the roadblock
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