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  1. @Truemonkh thanks for the rp yesterday, first time anyone broke through zoe's harder shell. Looking forward to future rp with you mate.
  2. Welcome to the server, hope to see you ingame.
  3. Jadeziggygirl

    Eve Online

    Played Eve-online a couple of times, however never got hooked. However i love the music.
  4. Welcome both, looking forward to meeting you in-game.
  5. *scrambles to grab the radio* Ms Iris, is everyone ok? Are you ok? I was planning on coming down today, is it safe? If not i will keep my distance. *Releases PTT*
  6. *presses down button* Zoe here, on my way down, are you open? *releases button and sits down on the grass to take a drink*
  7. It was a great evening at the resturant, have to do it again soon. Xx
  8. Zoe Benson, i'm 28 from the UK. I was bough up in a very broken home, i had parents that were distant as they both served in the forces and i was bough up by the Moreland Military Boarding School. You see my family was wealthy, but my grandfather cut my parents out of his money because he didn't agree with them serving. However when my grandfather would die a healthy sum of money would be coming their way. When i was 14 my Granddad died and my dad got the full amount as my other two uncles had died in the 80's. Five months later while at boarding school my Mom came home from duty, packed her belongings cleared my dads bank out and left. She has been waiting for the big payout, i would only ever hear from her at birthdays and Christmas whens cards arrived without a return address. This is how in my early life i learned to use people for my benefit, seeing my Mom play my father for all them years to leave him with nothing. When i was 18 i left the military school and went to university to learn to become a psychologist, but i knew this is not what i wanted. I wanted to live my life and not be shackled to what my Dad had planned out for me. I completed my first year with high grades but my second year i spent most of it partying, i then flunked my second year and never returned. At the same time i got heavily involved in online dating, however it was very one sided, let say men paid for my time. I was no escort, i would never stoop that low, however a man would pay for my time and conversation lets say. Prior to the outbreak i was working as a barmaid in a strip club in the centre of Birmingham. I was sharing an apartment with my friend Netty and upping my income from my gentleman friends. I had been speaking with a man called Lukas prior to the outbreak. This is the reason i ended up here, i went to stay with him for a month, however he never turned up to the airport so i spent the time on my own. Since the outbreak I've not heard from any of my family and I've spent the time travelling and not settling down. I often write letters home to my farther, which i post into postboxes i come across in my travels. I just want to survive, not die. I want to smile again, a real smile. You don't honestly realise how green that grass was, until something like this happens. Oh I do wish to go back and smell that sweet green grass.
  9. Hi I'm Sam van doorn, i was born in Rotterdam, but bough up between Rotterdam and a little town called Drozhino. My Farther is dutch and my mother is Chernarussian. We would often spend our holidays at our grandparents house in Drozhino and school in Holland (Rotterdam). Prior to the outbreak, I was a mess. *raises arm, shows cut marks and injection track scars* See i was living on the streets high as a kite, living from hit to hit. When the outbreak came, they thought it was people taking that Russian crock heroin. See, i had friend who has taken this in the past and this is not how they acted, i know that these zombies attacking people was something else. This thought was cemented the night i was sleeping rough in Riga in Latvia, i was awaken suddenly but a heavy weight landing on me. There was screaming from the woman who had fallen on top and growling from the other person in the skirmish. I pulled my sleeping bag down so i could see what was happening, to be confronted with this sub-human who had a mouth full of flesh from the poor woman. I couldn't work out at the time if this was real, or i was tripping..hard. I feel so ashamed looking back, but i pulled the sleeping bag back over my face, and pretended i was not there. After was seemed hours, the struggle ended and the sub-human who i now know as a Zombie left. I stayed under that sleeping bag for the rest of the night terrified and cold due to the ladies blood seeping into the bag. When the outbreak happened i was closer to Cherm, then i was to Holland and my thought was that my parents would seek shelter in Drozhino rather then a large city like Rotterdam. I spent 6 months travelling by foot from Latvia to make it here. I have been back to my Grandparents home, however like every other house, no one is there. No sign of struggles, no bodies. I have no idea what has happened and no one in the area to ask. I have decided that best way to live is on foot and hope that the outbreak ends and perhaps one day civilisation will be rebuilt. For me the outbreak has been a god send, first time in 12 years i have been clean.
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