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  1. Nice to see you going official at last, not had much interaction with you guys IG due to time zones but have seen your story grow from afar.
  2. **Zoe hears the message followed by another voice. She presses down the PTT to respond back to the second person.** "Hello..ther." *Her radio dies, she pulls out the used battery and grabs another one from her collection* "Sorry about that, damn batteries last but 5 minutes these days. Who is this on the other end? The first message seems..hum..strange. If you are still on this frequency please respond back, Zoe out."
  3. Love the photo! Welcome to the community, I'm sure i'll bump into you on Livonia.
  4. I think the best way would be is to lore wipe one server. As the vote is very split then it gives both sides to chance to play what they want, also it stops server jumping as each server would logically be in different universes.
  5. Adding more civi guns would be good for chern if the russian's do really push their story line with the automatic weapons (4.7 did you guys call it?)
  6. I really don't have a preference and I go by the story that is happening with my character at the time. She started in Livonia but has ended up in Chern. Yes there are more people over in Livonia but its not hard to find RP in Cherno. I feel if i decided to play a map because of my ooc opinion then i feel i wouldn't be true to my character, but I understand if someone has a strong preference to a map.
  7. Yeah its great to have RP with this game. I see your part of the Cartel, they are an amazing bunch of guys, you will enjoy their RP. Welcome
  8. Welcome to the community, hope to see you ingame sometime soon.
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