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    Joel's Journal; Day one

    I woke up in the middle of nowhere, hurt, but able to move. I had no idea where I was, all I knew is that I was thirsty as hell, so I drank some water from the nearby river. Logic would dictate that there is some sort of town or village along the river so I followed it and sure enough I stumbled into one. I was screaming for my wife and daughter, but that was my downfall. I attracted a huge horde of weird people who had missing body parts and wounds and were trying to attack me and sure enough, the weather didn't play along either. I had to barricade myself in a small building for the night, hope that they leave. I searched the whole building and found a gun, so I waited out the night.

    Next morning they were gone and I knew to be more quiet. Stumbled upon a car that I could easily fix by refilling the radiator and fixing the leak with some tape. So now I was mobile. The map I found near a bus station lead me to a place called Brena. Just as abandoned as the last and crawling with these walking things. I grabbed some supplies from the police station and refueled my car. Thank god I didn't have to pay, the gas prices are insane here. I stumbled upon a normal looking human being. Immediately suspicious I held him at gunpoint and asked if he knew where my wife and daughter are. He said he had no idea and we both moved on.

    I thought to myself. If the plane landed anywhere, it must be nearby, so I checked the map and found an airstrip. Unfortunately it was completely abandoned, just a lot of walkers hanging around, so I had to be quiet when looking for help. I found nothing, just a bunch of guns and other supplies.

    So I started getting more worried... what if they're dead... what if someone took them... what do I do?

    After my little breakdown I decided to drive further south, were I found and killed a sheep that I gutted and cooked. I'm stocked on food, but fuel is low... when the night broke in I decided to make camp in a forest and get some much needed sleep....

    1. Truemonkh


      Mauled by a bear and has never found his family... RIP Joel

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