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  1. Hello there everyone. I'm finally back in the game and settling in nicely. Been a long time since I was really active in this community but I'm wanting to get back in properly. How's everyone doing? Have y'all enjoyed season 2 so far? I've seen a lot of changes in staff as well and was just wondering if there was a particular reason for that shake up. In any case, hoping to see many of you in game soon. Can't wait!
  2. Welcome back buddy. Hope you still enjoy it after all these years!
  3. I know, as soon as I posted it I realised how shit the orange background looks for it ? XD
  4. Founded by Alois Černy in 1882 it was the first private investment and financial services bank of Cherna Rus, its main seat situated in Lopotevgrad (back then still called Novigrad), that would lead on to fund the first railway system of the country, connecting not only the country and it’s unified tribes via railway but also making trade routes safer and more accessible with the Russian Tsardom. The country experienced an economic boost and the Černá Banka would take full advantage, growing quickly, expanding their reach. About 24 percent of their income in the first eight years would come from profits from the railway. In the early 1900’s the bank began catering to consumers and middle-class with deposit counters, currency exchanges and savings accounts. The first branch outside of Lopotevgrad was opened in 1907 in Chernogorsk. The first war that would entail most countries on planet Earth would mean an economic collapse of the entire country of Chernarus. Even though the Černá Banka would help companies restructure and would lend out loans for reconstruction efforts, they had limited resources and had to ensure their own survival. Soon however misfortune would strike once again. The unrest in the country whether to support the white army and the Tsar or whether to follow the Bolsheviks would lead to turmoil and fighting within Chernarus. The revolution happened and most people were happy with the outcome. Not so the Černá Banka, believing that communism would be the downfall of a profitable banking system. Hoping that it would only be a short phase they aligned themselves with the communists as to not be destroyed by Stalin’s deadly policies. They came to be strong supporters of Stalin, funding his campaigns and his army. During the famine the bank became a ‘food bank’ as well for a short period to improve their image. Resources wouldn’t last long however and the plans to invest in industrial areas in Novodmitrovsk and Chernogorsk were more important as they would yield more profit in the future. To have the funds to do so corruption in the bank would spread wild. Shady deals were made in the back alleys to keep money flowing. This would set a trend for the future of the bank. The first period of hyperinflation in all of Russia hit after the first world war but heavy price controls would keep the damage in Russia to a minimum. Stalin imposed the command economy. The “First Five-Year Plan” the economy was not hit as hard by the Depression as the rest of the world was. However, production in the country dropped by 30 percent due to agriculture being forcefully collectivised. The Second Five-Year Plan calls for even higher industrial growth. Quantity reigns over quality and falsified statistics are common. By 1939, the Gulag was the biggest employer in Europe. The second war that would shake the planet to its core would prove an even more difficult time for the bank. Depending on the funds of the bank during those times, the Russian Army made sure to secure the bank facilities and keep it up and running. When Lopotevgrad became an important factor during the war, even some of the employees of the bank would pick up rifles and fight back. Luckily the bank and the vault were kept protected, even though the war efforts drained it almost completely empty. However, the command economy would forge ahead during WWII, forced labour took on an epic scale and productivity was increased by forced overtime. The relationship between Russia and Chernarus was starting to become more strained as some started to oppose communism. The country would face difficult times politically but thanks to the industrialisation chugging along the economy was still growing, even after the De-Stalinisation. Only stagnating on the 70s-80s. After Chernarus had finally become an independent republic shortly after the end of the Soviet Union, the bank had to rethink its strategies. A young and ambitious new CEO of the bank decided to once again follow a more corrupt path as the bank had done once before. Making deals with local gangs, laundering money for himself and many of his close friends and creating a business by selling guns illegally to the CDF and the ChDKZ. Playing both sides of the coin would lead to massive amounts of profit and would be a tactic the bank would still employ to this day. More and more employees from all around the world were hired, either as security details, or low level gangsters to do the dirty work of the bank, all the while still doing normal trades and large scale fundings of government projects and foreign deals. In 1998 the Černá Banka would show up on the Russian stock exchange for the first time. The Civil War would prove to be especially profitable. Making deals with both sides but secretly funding more of the ChDKZ since to the bank the outcome with Russia's support was clear and they wanted to be on the winning side. The background deals with the Chernarussian underground gave way for Lopotevs funding of all the changes he was making throughout the country. Deals were made with Russia to rebuild the economy and mass migration of ethnic Russians moved up to fill sectors in Chernarus that were severely lacking. The Černá Banka was not heavily phased by the death of Lopotev as international trade continued to flourish thanks to further integration with the Russian federation. A large part of the funding for the RAC came from the Černá Banka. With Ivan Bernarus becoming the new president and the new currency being instated they had to switch around fast to keep up with the pace with which the country was constantly changing. A new regional manager by the name of Jakob Bartholomew would take over the reigns in South Zagoria. The bank would start secretly hiring all kinds of people to work for them. Whether they were foreigners in the country in debt or more people from the underground of Chernarus or just more security detail in general. They would become a considerable force to be reckoned with, rumours would start to spread of the banks terrible dealings, but none were ever confirmed. Once again in complete turmoil, the bank did their best to try to combat the outbreak by helping hospitals and local stores fight what was coming for them. The heavy police presence meant that their underground dealings took a bit of a halt, some were even arrested but the bank had their ways to ensure employee loyalty. Being the opportunists that the Černá Banka always has been, they would cease the opportunity of the outbreak for their own gain as well. Giving out loans and helping out where they could with heavy interest rates. Some would call the bank “Loan Sharks” but were quickly shut down and disappeared from the face of the earth. As the country's state continued to worsen and the global economy was on the brink of collapse the bank became more and more corrupt to keep up the money flow. They would now start investing in whoever they would deem worthy of investment. The outbreak would bring out the worst in many people. This is what the bank would use to their advantage, only seeking profit and power. Support up to five communities by funding them with heavy interest rates. (0/5) Day 45 Establish an agreed upon currency in the whole country. Day 75 Establish a secure vault for assets and trading. Indefinite Create a force of strong fighters that can be hired at any point in time. Indefinite Insert spies into tactical locations to gather information on dealings around the country. Day 50 Closely work with the police force and military and gain their trust. #bribes Day 55 Create a public front for the bank to hide the shady background dealings. Indefinite Create a profitable business for all members. Indefinite Squash any rivals that want to oppose or disrupt our business. Ongoing Evaluate 20 citizens and hire them as bank affiliates. (0/20) Day 60 Reform the economy in the country. Ongoing Create a document on all dealings in the country and keep tabs on interest, credit score and loans. Indefinite Provide a good mix of hostile RP and campfire RP Create a unique sense of dread for people who interact with us Become a renowned group that establishes a firm grip on South Zagoria Always prioritise RP over PVP Rainmaker Jakob Bartholomew - Truemonkh Sharks Magnus Sharp - Duke Charles Hanes - Inferno Martin Halvorson - Maybelele Ralf Hammarstrom - ZedLR Harald Bjornsen - FredLR Matous Machovec - Marik Marc Dean - Marc1234fem Eddie
  5. Welcome and have fun in the community. Uff, tough to say. So many memorable things that happened during RP. I think one of the most memorable ones was when I was playing a religious DID character and got burned when I was crucified.
  6. The lore of DayZRP allows you to include any country on the planet as long as it makes reasonable sense for your character to be in Chernarus/Livonia. So yes it should be possible.
  7. Welcome buddy! See you in game ?
  8. And right on time to feel the new lore in all its fresh new glory. Have fun out there!
  9. Hope you get to play this time. See you soon in game!
  10. Truemonkh


    Hello there and welcome to DayZRP Hope you get whitelisted soon. In the meantime I recommend getting some hours logged in standalone on public servers, just to become more familiar with the game itself. Good luck out there bud.
  11. Hello there, hope you get whitelisted soon The gear part for your character is just so you can give it a bit of a description as to what your character will usually carry on him, but you only spawn with the normal gear as always. People do put on accents to sell a character and the world, which is something I can only recommend. But speaking in a different language is only allowed if all involved parties agree upon speaking that language with you. Not everyone speaks the language of the characters they are playing. Stay safe out there!
  12. Truemonkh


    Welcome to the server buddy! I think a tip from me would be to have a good understanding of the lore, that usually makes for much better RP if you understand the context of the world you're in. Hope to see you in game one day!
  13. Truemonkh


    *Rubs ear lobes* "Wuusssaaaahhhhhhppppp duude!"
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