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  1. S1 Status

    The S1 server has been suffering problems with spawns since the new patch. Any one know if this has been fixed yet?
  2. Free Agents: Looking for a group?

    Name: Dimitry Stephanov. Nationality: Russian Skills/Prefered Roles: Sniping/Medium range combat. English skills: First Language. Experience: Hundreds of hours on Dayz Clan experience: One clan previously/. Contact: PM me Additional notes: High class sniper/instinctual.
  3. Random Kicks.

    I have been trying to log onto the S2 server for hours. Twice I succeeded. Every time though, I get kicked a few minutes later with no message other than "You have been kicked". Is this a bug or is this intentional?
  4. No Zombies or loot

    Same here man. I just joined today too. The admins say there working on it so in themean time just try to join S2
  5. Lack of spawns

    Other Server is full so I cant switch.
  6. Lack of spawns

    I joined in under the new patch, then I checked electro and NEAF and found theres no gear or zombies, I have left the area and the server many times but it doesn't fix it
  7. Accepted

    I woke up this morning with good news. I just got whitelisted for dayzrp. Once the servers are up, one Dimitry Stephanov will join dayz rp.
  8. Hello Community

    On an added note, In the event I am whitelisted I will hopefully make a thread to share my top stories with everyone. It will take longer than espected ad I keep being pushed back in the que, but hopefully I will be whitelisted and I am looking forward to future posts
  9. Whitelist

    I already posted my application. I did what you said though and I have a through understanding of the rules. and the whitelist has already opened to non donors. my application is awaiting review although it keeps being pushed back
  10. Whitelist

    I waited quite a while for the whitelist server to open up. I spent three hours trying to submit my application because of webpage crashes. What do you guys think about it? I think its a good system and it contributes heavily to the community and the people in the forums.
  11. Accepted YES

    Good luck man. PM me if you get into something cool.
  12. Character Biographies

    Name: Dimitry Stepahanov Height: 6"3 Age: 25 Hair: Brown Eye Color: Blue Goal: Rescue Friends from Bandit camps around Chernarus. Likes: Guns and Quiet Dislikes: People Wasting his time Pre Outbreak Profession: Russian Army Seargent and Group Leader Demeanor in three words: Honorable, Neutral, Precise
  13. Hello Community

    After several attempts and webpage crashes I finally submitted my whitelist application. Hopefully in a few days One Dimitry Stepanov will join the DAYZ Rp world. I Spent 3 hours trying to get the application in and 1 hour reading and rereading the rules. So all and all hopefully this is the first in several posts about DAYZRP.