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  1. The S1 server has been suffering problems with spawns since the new patch. Any one know if this has been fixed yet?
  2. Name: Dimitry Stephanov. Nationality: Russian Skills/Prefered Roles: Sniping/Medium range combat. English skills: First Language. Experience: Hundreds of hours on Dayz Clan experience: One clan previously/. Contact: PM me Additional notes: High class sniper/instinctual.
  3. I have been trying to log onto the S2 server for hours. Twice I succeeded. Every time though, I get kicked a few minutes later with no message other than "You have been kicked". Is this a bug or is this intentional?
  4. Same here man. I just joined today too. The admins say there working on it so in themean time just try to join S2
  5. Other Server is full so I cant switch.
  6. I joined in under the new patch, then I checked electro and NEAF and found theres no gear or zombies, I have left the area and the server many times but it doesn't fix it
  7. I woke up this morning with good news. I just got whitelisted for dayzrp. Once the servers are up, one Dimitry Stephanov will join dayz rp.
  8. On an added note, In the event I am whitelisted I will hopefully make a thread to share my top stories with everyone. It will take longer than espected ad I keep being pushed back in the que, but hopefully I will be whitelisted and I am looking forward to future posts
  9. I already posted my application. I did what you said though and I have a through understanding of the rules. and the whitelist has already opened to non donors. my application is awaiting review although it keeps being pushed back
  10. I waited quite a while for the whitelist server to open up. I spent three hours trying to submit my application because of webpage crashes. What do you guys think about it? I think its a good system and it contributes heavily to the community and the people in the forums.
  11. Good luck man. PM me if you get into something cool.
  12. Name: Dimitry Stepahanov Height: 6"3 Age: 25 Hair: Brown Eye Color: Blue Goal: Rescue Friends from Bandit camps around Chernarus. Likes: Guns and Quiet Dislikes: People Wasting his time Pre Outbreak Profession: Russian Army Seargent and Group Leader Demeanor in three words: Honorable, Neutral, Precise
  13. After several attempts and webpage crashes I finally submitted my whitelist application. Hopefully in a few days One Dimitry Stepanov will join the DAYZ Rp world. I Spent 3 hours trying to get the application in and 1 hour reading and rereading the rules. So all and all hopefully this is the first in several posts about DAYZRP.