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  1. Wow, I read the "set of rules that will produce extremely immersive role-play when followed" and do have that from what I've seen some players could learn a thing or two from that. I hope this forum post gains popularity!
  2. I tried dividing it but I guess when I posted, it just decided not to... I lived in Pushta but worked in Elektrozavodsk. Thank you for the feedback though, like I said I am completely new to this
  3. Just a quick /OOC,I'm totally new to this. I've never role-played before and would love some constructive criticism and for you to share your stories as well! [align=left]I still remember when this all started. I was coming home from my bland accounting job in Elektrozavodsk, to my bland small town of Pushta, to my bland house, wife, and kids. Heh, I know what your thinking, "accounting?", it seems like everyone you meet now-a-days is "Ex-Marine" or "Army helicopter pilot", but not me. I was just a lame old accountant... Married for three years to a wife that wanted nothing to do with any aspect of my life except the money, and some kids who hated my guts. I know it's kinda twisted but I let off a smirk when I had to put them down... but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Okay, where was I? oh yeah, so I'm on my way home after pulling a couple hours overtime on a Friday, I'm driving into the city and the streets are dead. I usually don't use the radio because the sounds of cars always have calmed me down but today I wasn't afforded that option so I flick the dial on and over to some Oldies AM station and I drop my glasses. I look up, the road is clear, I look down to grab my glasses, Look up and SMACK I commit, what I believed at the time to be, Vehicular Manslaughter. I pull over to get out of the car get out and see the body about 30 feet back and just collapse and cry. I thought it was the end of the world. little did I know it actually was. As I wiped my tears from my eyes I stepped towards the body now. It was still moving it got up and started walking towards me but its legs were mangled so it eventually just fell and crawled. I shouted "are you alright?" and it just kept on crawling for me... snapping its jaws. I got in my car and left. I was too freaked out to stay around. I drove home faster than ever before because something was wrong, I could taste it in the air. My neighborhood was like a ghost town... No cars, doors swung open including mine. [align=left] My heart stopped. I walked into the door and saw my wife... laying there... motionless until I stepped inside and she stood up and growled at me... she attacked me and something just took over... I picked up one of the kitchen knives and stabbed it clean into her head through her skull into the brain... that was my first time killing anything... But it absolutely wasn't my last... I screamed for my kids. "Dylan?!?" "Rebecca?!" I ran up the stairs and saw them both strapped to their beds... foaming at the mouth, incapable of speech. I couldn't leave them like that. I cut both of there heads clean off and lay there with their bodies crying... I fell asleep while crying... I woke up and the army was searching for survivors... they took me to the nearest transport point... and I got on a plane but, that didn't stop the infection. The last thing I remember was a "...Major mechanical failure... I'm so sorry... This is it..." and I blacked out and woke up on a beach... now here I am. So, whats your story?
  4. What an amazing event! Great job to all Administrators and congratulations to the winners of this event!
  5. Wow. As someone who just Signed up I have to say that this made me shed a tear. Best of luck to you friend!