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  1. Bill Rockwell is no one of particular note, having just started working as a sheriff's deputy stateside in the last year after multiple years of working private security. Bill had always enjoyed traveling, having a bit of wanderlust his whole life. Having finally accrued enough time off with his department, Bill decided to make a fairly short trip to the Caucuses with stops in Georgia and Chernarus. The trip was pleasant enough for Bill, despite catching the odd news report or two about happenings in the region. It was not until the Chernarussian-Russian spat kicked off that Bill truely felt he needed to find his way home ASAP. Bill was in Chernarus by that time and all most every flight back to the U.S. was cancelled. Despite his best efforts to obtain a flight going anywhere West, Bill was eventually stuck in the airport along with hundreds of other foreign nationals. Trapped in the airport with nothing to do but wait and worry, Bill noticed fewer and fewer CDF soldiers guarding the airport as the days passed. Bill, along with a 2 other Americans, took the hint and eventually snuck out from the undermanned perimeter. The group stayed close at first, but after only 4 days since leaving the airport disagreements over even the most trivial of decisions led to violent shouting matches. Another such argument occured on the group's 6th day wandering through the Chernarussian countryside. Wanting no part in it Bill took leave from the others, wandering what seemed only a short walk away. However, when Bill returned to his group's wallow he found only his belongings and no trace of the others. Now, Bill is alone in the unfamiliar Chernarussian waste, wanting only to survive and to find his way home.
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