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  1. Robert (Bobby) Larsson is a 36-years old hunting guide, born and raised in northern Sweden. He lived in the outskirts of the old mining town of Kiruna, where he was well-known for his distinct and highly developed hunting and survival skills. He had acquired these abilities by learning from his father, who himself had been tought by his ancestors how to survive in the harsh wilderness of Lappland. Hunting and surviving entails a deeply founded knowledge, which has been passed on in the Karlsson family from generation to generation. Bobby had learned from his native Chernorussian friend – who had fled the violence evoked by the armed conflicts in his home country – about the luscious wildlife one could encounter in Chernarus. As the hunting laws in Chernarus have always been very laxly enforced and its countryside seemed to be sparsely populated, Bobby sets out with the idea to sell expensive hunting trips to hunting afficionados around Sweden. Despite his evident lack of adequate language skills and of any knowledge about the culture, the people and the current developments in Chernarus, he actually manages to establish valuable contacts within the hunting community of Chernarus itself. After having acquired interested clients, to whom he also offers to work as a guide, Bobby and his hunting party set out to begin their trip in Chernarus. During its stay in the countryside, the party gets informed by locals that the prime minister of Chernarus had declared a state of emergency. The members of the group aren’t able though to gather any information about the background of the declaration. They choose to head into the Capital of Novigrad, where they fail to be evacuated by government authorities. They now have to face the inevitable truth of an epidemic, without any knowledge of the sources or the development of the outbreak. The hunting trip had turned into a horror trip and the group decide to seek shelter in one of the many farms in the countryside of this forsaken country…
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  3. Im trying to find a Swedish/EU based clan. IGN : Sam Larson Age : 33 Country : Sweden English Skills : Good DayZ Experience: Arma 2 Epoch for 1 year, DayzRP for 2 months What kind of role best describes you: Hmm I like to communicate with my group and has a thing for sniping and hunting. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not in RP but have my own Clan on EPOCH Backstory: The story about Samuel begins when he was 20 years old. It was then the outbreak began in Chernarus. He and his family which contained his mother Solweig and Father Major Per was making dinner. It was the usual Deer with mashed potatoes and Samuel´s favorite brown cream sauce. His father was a seasoned hunter and Samuel had learned everything about hunting and shooting with weapons by his old man. They were half way into the dinner when they heard a scream and the door was smashed in by a "zombie" and the father went for a knife and engaged the "Z" but his mother just frooze in the chair in terror for the "Z". Samuel ran up the stairs to get his fathers wepon locker open, he took the pump action shotgun and started loading shells into the gun. He then heard his father and mother scream so the blood in his veins frooze. When he came down from the stairs he saw the unthinkable! The "Z" was eating on his parents and there were blood everywhere. Samuel screamed in hate and sorrow then he unloaded all shells into the "Z" and it fell to the ground. It was dead. So was his parents. Then 13 years pass and this memory haunts Samuel everyday for the rest of his life. He is now a 33 year old man with a company of 10 ppl that he commands. There only purpose in life is to kill "Z". This is what become of the 20 year old boy that used to like shoot deer with his father. I Have found a clan
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