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  1. This actually worked perfectly! I just had to unhide some of my folders to find it! thank you guys so much! This fix actually worked perfectly and if you need any help doing this please tell me I will happily help you!
  2. I cant manage to find the Appdata folder could you please help me? sorry im bad with this type of stuff.
  3. I'm not currently home but when I get home I will let you know if it works!
  4. Have you read Rampage post in your other thread? Yes sorry I didnt notice that untill after i had posted this! I will try tht fix when I get home! Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Hello guys this is a repost because i never had my problem fixed! Ive been having the oh so common "battleye failed to update" problem. I know someone is going to say "just sit in the lobby and wait to update" but sadly that does not work. I have also replaced my .dll files multiple times and it keeps reverting back to an old version of battleye. When i join a game it says initializing V 1.182(which is an old version) then it says "Updating..." the it says "Update Succseful" or something of the manner and says "Restarting Battleye" then it just reinitialized the same V 1.182. Ive tried uninstalling the game then re installing, i have tried deleting all battleye folders then checking file cache, ive tried deleting the folders and manually reinstalling the files, and i have tried running my steam as admin but sadly none of this works. Im also pretty sure it is not my antivirus stopping it from installing and im also pretty sure its not my windows defender because i turned that off and tried. I havent played Arma 2 OA in a couple weeks and i would really enjoy some help on the matter! if you have any ideas feel free to tell me!
  6. I've been trying for the last week or so and no server has worked for me yet. I have found no fix yet but when I do I can email you?
  7. Yeah I'm not currently home but I will try it again when I get home! I just find it weird that it is saying it's updating then doesn't actually update. Thats just a progress message, doesnt mean he actually does it, he tries for all i know. I will follow this thread until it solved, also do some searching. Thank you very much! I've been having this problem for a few weeks and I emailed battleye but they take forever to respond and help so thank you guys very much! It's much appreciated.
  8. Yeah I'm not currently home but I will try it again when I get home! I just find it weird that it is saying it's updating then doesn't actually update.
  9. No I use the .dll file and update to the newest battleye but it keep reverting to an old version I looked back at it and it keeps going back to version 1.182 and it won't update if I sit in a lobby it says it updates but it keeps going back to 1.182
  10. Yes I am using steam version! I had battleye problems before but just installed the .dll file and then it was fine but now it's not helping and it keeps reverting to the old file.
  11. No I don't think it is my anti virus because I don't have one running currently and I even tried turning off my windows defender. It's really bugging me I just want to play dayz mod!
  12. Hello I like many people are having the battleye failed to update problem! I have uninstalled my game and reinstalled I have uninstalled my battleye and reinstalled it. i have manually installed the dll multiple times. When i join into a game is says initializing v1.820 or something around there and then it says your version has been uptated then it just says Battleye updated Restarting... Initialized V1.820... any suggestions anyone? please email me i check my email often! ~ email [email protected]