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  1. I come from a big self-sustaining italian family from Malcesine. Growing up i had a hard childhood with alot of mental and physical abuse and was always the butt of jokes. When i got older i had to work with my father at his bodyshop. Once i grew older he had special jobs for me to do. Sooner or later i got invited from my uncle to work in the family with him and my father. My father was against it, as he thought i could do the family only harm. My mother always said shes only happy if i work. At some point my mom got me a 357. Revolver. I would train my aim in our backyard and got a decent shot. At age 16 my uncle gave me a backpack and all the stuff i owned and sent me on my way. He wanted me to get out of italy and away from my family. I travelled for years, met nice people and learned how to provide food on my own. I went fishing, hunting etc to sustain myself. I was always ready to help others in need and do what i gotta do to survive. After not hearing from my uncle for some time i went back to italy to look for them, but turns out most of my family died including my uncle. The only survivor was my mom, but she had been gone for a long time. With nothing left to my name I had no choice but to now live on my own. I travelled to germany on foot, till i reached Berlin. In Berlin i stayed for nearly a month, stole an old van and continued my travel. At the Ukrainien Border i got held up from a few guys with hunting rifles. They dragged me out of the van, threw me on the floor and beat the hell out of me. One had stomped on my head till i was unconscious. That morning i woke up and thought i would freeze to death. I Just layed there on the side of the road with blood running down my cheek staring at the sky. Everything was gone, including my revolver and some other personal stuff. I cleaned myself off in a abandoned gas station not too far away from where i was mugged and fell asleep. When i woke up this time i saw the face of an older women kneeling over me. We both scared each other, turns out she had found me sleeping next to the stalls and checked my pulse. Her and her huband took me in and toghether we drove to sweden where we got in an accident. The car lost control and we drove into a ditch on the side oft he road. I was the only one wearing seatbelts and survived the crash. I took the rest of my stuff and continued my Adventure alone, till i reached nyheim where im planning to stay for a little while.
  2. Im trying to join the discord, but when i click on it, IT says i already joined but wont Show up.
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