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  1. @Rover I was the one with the weapon in the edited 15 second video clip.
  2. @APositiveElmo I apologize for the confusion I thought I had already put up my POV in the report but I didn't realize that this was a new report. I had woken up within the Sitnik compound to yelling and screaming so I immediately tried to grasp what was going on. It turned out that the base was attacked so I started getting a personnel count and tried escorting people off the compound who did not have access to the front gate. I asked one gentleman in handcuffs what he was doing there he just said he was captured and did not show any signs of struggling at the time so then I proceeded to check the center area where there were two others I did not recognize. Me and another individual asked the three individuals who did not have access to the front gate to leave in order to get control of the situation. I pointed my gun briefly at the individual in the vehicle before putting it away and asked him to get out of the vehicle. I then head back to the center of the compound place my weapon back into my hands and ask the others to leave. As we were escorting them out I tried opening the front gate but had some technical issues as the game was acting up. I then come back into the game from a frozen screen into my inventory and was shot dead.
  3. That was not my voice idk who that was honestly. If it was me I apologize for the misunderstanding @Hollows
  4. I never said I'll shoot you, I did point my gun at you which was not my intentions that's why I placed it back into my inventory shortly after. I did bring it back out once I said to everyone that was not supposed to be in the compound to exit.
  5. I woke up to screaming and yelling within the base. There were three individuals that were unknown to me. I quickly tried to understand on however, there was so many things happening at once so I decided to escort the three unknown people out of the gate and tried opening door then was shot and killed. All this happened within about 5-10 minutes.
  6. Walked from sitnic to borek looted around well tried to then walked south heard gun shots walked to front of gate I shot at floor then died.
  7. I'll send an admin my POV if necessary I will not post on forum reports anymore, due to metagaming. I will be more than happy to give my side, I just don't want to participate in giving out information over forums and having it come back negatively on me.
  8. I woke up got in contact with the boss aka @TegsBenedict I hoped in a car with some people and I posted security. The base looked abandoned from what I seen however I was not able to see much as I was staring into the beautiful green forest waiting for a chance to defend my comrades.
  9. The issue was solved via radio chat once @Umfrage gets back on he will request the report be taken off.
  10. I can’t really give you any other info as I do not know much about what happened all I know is that the base was raided there was a firefight and after that we just salvaged remaining loot I was not a part of the raiding or firefight so I do not see how I can provide any legitimate information as I was not part of the two initial events. I have no knowledge of anything else.
  11. I had folded tents and rearranged some in the box truck shown and me and another were trying to save the tents from the storm I did happen to fold about 3-4 tents after they had already been raided I was simply trying to save supplies.
  12. there was one that was built on a hallway now is it still unrealistic if the gate opens and the gate still has posts in hallway but the gate is floating? also feedback after deleting items would be very awesome so we don't spawn in and thinking someone is messing with us.
  13. Helping the admins out on this one @Fae these group of individuals are constantly reported Steven ice yet again got reported an hour ago. These group of rule breakers need to be dealt with its toxic to the community. Also look into there profiles and you will find that they are multiple offenders.
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