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  1. Hi guys. Quick question. Does one server take priority over the other for RP purposes? Let me explain my question... I spent all day collecting gear, found a couple tents, and managed to repair a vehicle. Now, the place I picked to set this stuff up and store the vehicle, corresponds to where someone else decided to store their stuff on the other server. I usually try to play only on one server due to how the game saves world items vs. character gear, but because of servers being full, etc. I tend to hop back and forth a little bit in order to be able to play. Any advice here? Is the lesson to be taken from this only to set stuff up on one server and not the other? Wait until a slot becomes available? And what does this mean for RP? Surely two different people who don't know each other can't have a base in the same place.
  2. Hey Guys, Just joined and I am working on my application now. Just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to playing with everyone.