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  1. Born in Turovo, Chernarus in the year 2054, Eugene was taken by his uncle to be taken care of, it was his mothers dying wish as she slowly drifted into her everlasting sleep. Mere minutes later, Eugene's uncle took him up north to the White Meadow in search of shelter. They took refuge inside one of the houses, as a storm rolled over them. After what felt like an eternity, the storm cleared up and the sky turned from a bleak grey to a vibrant blue, Eugene's uncle went out in search for food and supplies to keep both of them alive. From then on it was a rinse and repeat for years until Eugene was considered old enough by his uncle to come with him out into the harsh and unforgiving world. He taught Eugene how to survive in the wilderness, how to live off the land, and most importantly how to be free. One dark night they went out on another hunting trip just like they always did, however someday their luck had to run out. While stalking a deer out in the woods, a pack of wolves ambushed them both, severely injuring his uncle. Luckily Eugene managed to scare the pack away, and sprinted as fast as he could to check on his uncle, but it was too late. He was too weak to move, the only thing he could do was share his last words with Eugene. And he asked Eugene for one last thing, to put him out of his misery. The next day Eugene buried him next to the house, and decided to start anew, somewhere far from Chernarus. And he made a promise to himself... to never kill anyone ever again, so he wouldn't have to experience the same pain that he did with his uncle..
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