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  2. Nah, I like it how it is. I have a good PC, but eventually, in my hours of play, I get around 3-6 seconds of Client Freezes, anyone that plays with me can attest to that. I was lucky to escape certain death with cars by slamming the break the second it started freezing, when I heard of this with Olgas and now, I feel slightly safer driving now. Let's be real, with all the server has on and clients freezing, I say it's a good for a while until situation no longer needs it. Can also allow more deep dive into engine work RP, come on, now that you don't have the car die, take
  3. Alternative : Turn SCAR-H into SCAR-L, a slower firing 5.56 Caliber weapon as opposed to the .308 PKP/PKM should fire slower by 40% when Full-Auto. I use my PKP mainly for Infected killing, but I still feel in a 1v1 situation I wouldn't win. But if it really has to be done, I would like an RPK for infected clearing reasons.
  4. A moment of silence before a Slavic accent came into the feed. "Understand that what was done was for the better of our survival. Those who remained here fought for the people, in the end supporting your country. I heard betrayal, poison, ruin. But you pointed fingers to us, those who had no intention at first to dismantle you, you done it with your own hands."
  5. Well I just woke up to the news, guess I'll throw in a few words myself. It was an amazing adventure for CLF from the lore start and it's return later, not much interaction with me but in moments where there was, it was a good taste. The way it went down was Hella nice, wish you the best ahead in your RP adventures my gang. @Nonplayer @SynO @Hofer @Knight @Timberwolf
  6. Few moments of silence before a new voice came in. Sounded slavic, some part Russian? "Vai de steaua mea, I cannot believe what I keep hearing, who knew what else could linger in these forests. Hells, I guess starting a farm isn't such a bad idea now, I don't know, Mister Stepánov, the people don't seem to like you anymore. Even if you come to say it was out of your control and now "I'm back, we are good boys." human resources type shit, what will you do to the countless lives you've taken that tried to make a difference. Hmm? I heard of this man, Zavat, sounds like a d
  7. @groovy harlow @AndreyQ @Woodzie ROMANIAN GANG TIME LETS GET THEM BMWS BOYS
  8. Imagine having CORDEANU as a name lmao

    1. groovy harlow

      groovy harlow

      wdym it's the best name for an anarchist merc 🦝

    2. Pepsi


      Come back

    3. groovy harlow

      groovy harlow

      short break

  9. @Realize | Realize the Pigeon | NOT POSTED. Provide pov.
  10. CHANGED: Chernarus map replaced with Glorious Livonia. @Pepsi
  11. Everything is going according to plan.
  12. I do agree with Darker Nights some times, I believe @Roland even suggested trying a thing to make it work once every few days I believe. His POV will be solid. I think this falls under the limitations DayZSE has currently. Not many other infected types yet. Hell no. Sorry, I would love that as a challenge but considering a # of people are experiencing random client freezes due to excessive loading of items in the world, such as myself, I can get a sudden client freeze for 5 seconds or so, if the infected of this caliber catch me while I freeze, it's kaput for me and othe
  13. "This meat is hot, kinda still stuck in my throat." - @N1RU

    1. N1RU


      In my defense, I will say that I was eating a steak. And it was too tasty for me to hold back my emotions...

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