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  1. Hey Realize, I did mention in the Discord to take me off the Roster/Group as I'm taking a break, apologies for that. I'll confirm I am out of the group anywhere else.
  2. Looking good in pink @Niveous! Also good to see you back @Duke~

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      Pepsi, when are you becoming Pink again?

  3. Cazac, Valery along side members of PACT that agreed to join them waited by the clearing of the woods, smoke grenades tossed each side with Valery popping a flare in the air as the rumbling sound of two helicopters approach, soon after, the Russian Helicopters arrive on scene, still baring the symbol of RAC on them, not much time to change the paint. Landing in the field, the doors open to a few soldiers hopping off, the loyal Russian side of PACT agreed to leave together for one final mission, back to Russia, whatever is left of it in hopes to bring it back to life... Cazac and Valery looked at each other, a soft smile as they shook hands. "Nikita didn't make it, but we did, together." with that, the helicopters lifted off the ground, Valery went on to hold Jana close, while Cazac along with Mikhail and Gleb share a bottle of Vodka he took before leaving. And so, the helicopters trailed one last time across west, observing the land below them one final time before baring North. And so ends the storyline for P.A.C.T, filled with excitement, fears and tension, I will like to thank all who spent time with us and shared an experience with. I am looking forward to Nyheim to meet once more, when the time comes. Shout outs to : @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] as well as entirety of PACT members. @Hofer, if you would be so kind to archive.
  4. Thank you for allowing me such opportunity to push on the new lore, and I hope players of the community will love the work put on.
  5. Coke better than pepsi

    cocaine love GIF

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      Pepsi > Coca Cola.

      But Coke > Pepsi.

  6. Cazac returned to the Cordis Camp with a heavy mind, sliding down the wall looking out at sea, holding a bundle of documents in hand, a star on the corner of one. He pulled down his mask and took a deep inhale and sighed out. "I cannot believe I have been lied like this...", he muttered, near him, Natalya and Mikhail stared at him. Shame crawled up his spine, his radio came to life, reaching to listen, the last words coming out of his mouth was "Understood, sir.". Pulling out his Federation armband, he wrapped it around his arm and stood up. "No place for us here anymore, time to go home..." Stage III : "Operation Motherland" begins... Final part of PACT storyline, where truth is found and people of the group slowly peel off... It is time to return home, if home is still there.
  7. What is this, teasing me? Did you buy me dinner first?
  8. Good ending of PACT(?)
  9. hey dingo look



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      Hungry Season 3 GIF by The Simpsons

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    3. ImDingo


      @DuplessisI hate you so much for that 🤣

  10. Phase 2 : "Operation Sputnik" begins... I want to thank @N1RUalong with the gang that made this group possible, we gained a lot of traction over the weeks of our pre-approval and post-approval, leaving a great story for all that came across. I will also love to thank @Jackfish, @Niveousand @ImFrostywith their groups : Inner Circle, Cordis Aido & C-Block for providing us with massive story turns and developments, as well as helping them progress with their own! Medvedev is now AWOL, and with this caused a massive change in all groups, good and bad, we extend our gratitude that we could be part of this, and promise to keep on providing top of the line slavic/russian themed Roleplay! Updates : - Group page graphically updated. - Roster updated
  11. Hello gopniks and gopnika. As most of you seen IC and ooc. Some changes are done, however, I will post these changes soon! Along with a story update! That tuned!
  12. Here is a bunch of chaotic yet fun media we gather during our time as gopniks in DZRP, including a bunch of media the gang and @N1RUmade. Enjoy
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