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  1. Mmmh. I always had a love for swavvy Mafia boys. I do really really hope the leader is an elegant gentleman. Best of luck boys.
  2. Gary, I'll be as honest and on the point as possible. Location and Lore : How much time would you need to build such a thing without being stopped by people, the level of this construction is HUGE, and considering this also works in extracting oil, would take years, and to not be stopped by infected, natural hazards and people? It makes little to no sense, also an active railroad? Wouldn't this be an excuse for others to jack the train and leave Livonia? I feel it's out of place. Being this close to a river and north, you will be contested by a large number, not that you're against that fact, but in terms of settling, lore and reason, it does not fit. Building and layout : Rushed, misaligned and chaotic, I seen only issues that could be avoided by paying attention and fiddling the numbers. The road towards is if not, hovering above ground, a whole concrete building on a elevated platform? It would collapse too easy, I could continuously throw grenades and it would just crumble. The whole structure is rushed and too huge, even for an organization such as Potius Cras. How can you fix it? There are two options which I am sure you can easily fix : 1. Find a more fitting lore and reduce the size of the compound to a smaller, easier to manage structure. Keep it simple but rich. 2. Hire someone to aid you, I can offer you my help if you seek a more fitting base that could make much more sense! So I cannot approve this.
  3. ŻELAZNY JELEŃ Group Update of 30/03/2020 Story Update : "I lost count of when it started, but it's been too long. I feel a storm is coming. Number stations blaring through Nadbor, masses of infected moving in organized hordes and a deafening silence around the forests. Establishing connections with the Capital was difficult, nothing could go through just yet, gives us time to think it through and focus on establishment. Section:20 seems to always be missing, the new Captain is still out of sight. John Smith's squadron, the Nameless. I will put a good word in, since her Majesty disapproved of their methods of elimination of criminals and bandits, but I see him a soldier, for justice. There is a change in the air, and we will stand to face it. We will investigate the radio and horde anomalies within Nadbor, I fear there is something more at play, and we will uncover this together. Chwala Livonia." - Antoni Nuwak Mission Updates : Investigate the Radio anomalies and their possible connection with Infected Hordes within the Region - Day 1030 (New to Phase 2!) Plant posters throughout smaller towns frequently traveled by survivors informing them about LDF presence in the area - Completed! Added to Indefinite Missions! Maintain presence within the Nadbor Region through posters, letters and interaction with Survivors (Indefinite Mission) Notes : Together with the Loremasters, we will push more narrative story to Nadbor, stay tuned for story updates as they will arrive soon™ Group updates! - New Graphics for Roster! Done by the fantastic @Commander - Welcome to our new members : @Trijim, @Knight, @SmartPlayerZ, @Lizardpile
  4. Coward. Well lads, may the war between anarchy and order begin. May our fights be fair, enjoyable and to lead on a perfect story for our groups! Chwała Livonia, long live the Queen!
  5. I need to see a screenshot of that.
  6. Pepsi


    Haaah, our moral enemies, how delicious~ Looking forward to see this in motion in Chernarus SLAVA CHERNARUS!
  7. Gotcha boss, I'll talk with them and post changes in the next group story update.
  8. The car scene, that got my in some deep vibes. Excellent work, bravo!
  9. Tapping sounds are heard through. "Agh, is this hovno working!? Oh, red light, dobrý dobrý, I hear better familiar accents for once, Ahoj... This is Kozak, some of you might like me, some of you might want to kill me. But if whoever wants to harm me is of this land and people, do be it. I am part of the few who tried to... cure this whole mess, irrelevant now! I broke my own silence, these feeds are listened to, evil people, not chedaki, not ruski, something else... I have a feeling. We'll meet, soon... not sure when. Now to close this sh-.." The transmission ends just before he finishes speaking.
  10. A new message is coming through, a soft chuckle. "You wish to better the region? That is going to take a lot of work to rebuild what De Wit has done. So you better get to work, Captain. We will talk more face to face soon. We will keep watch. Nuwak over and out."
  11. A better replacement is to add a voice diaphragm to all masks which can be toggled, have a radio voice when speaking with a mask. Would be better than to remove it.
  12. It's official, Rakeesh is my hero. I love him so much. I feel safe knowing he is near now.
  13. Bruh what the hell you guys doing there! The moment I saw that door closing, I knew his live's boutta' end.
  14. Day 1000 I recently joined the server around the 800 days mark, it's been a trip for me, the arrival of Daniel Constantinescu in Livonia, a lost Romanian, the founding of Section:20, the numerous travels, fights, robberies, leading to him creating a small network of friends between @Wynne, @Vandire, members of Utile Umbra, @Wbtrex, hardships and his inevitable death. Rise of Antoni Nuwak and his LDF platoon slowly became possible with Zelazly Jelen. Lots happened when I wasn't here, but now we get a new horizon. Let's make it worth.
  15. Aww Phoenix, we didn't get the chance to meet ingame, oh well, til next time. Be safe out there!
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