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  1. Sad to see you leave staff. Support lost a good crewmember!

    Hopefully we will still see you ingame. I expect some good ChernorussianRP.

  2. BadRP should be report able to those two points. There isn't an apocalypse just yet so Seasoned Survivors with years don't exist. Those who pretend nothing is wrong is plausible since some may have been wondering away from conflicts, like hitchhikers, summer camp participants. BUT, yes, those who pretend there isn't a whole pandemic and conflict in Chernarus are prone to BadRP report. Be mindful this is the very first days, errors will happen.
  3. The Zavat Family The Zavat Family had roots all the way from the end of the first war, from weapon factory owners to politics, most notable member of the family was Andel Zavat, fighter in the first war and leader in the second, killed in action as a hero of the state on Chernarussian Soil. With a large number of confirmed kills and medals on his belt. Along the years, the Zavat fought both tooth and nail for Chernarus’s independence, from riot organizing, to political debates and conflicts, being part of the voice of liberation from Communism oppression. Adam Zavat was born in 1995, child of Josef Zavat and Lida Zavat during the time of independence, in Novigrad, where the family would eventually move in. Later in the years, Josef became part of the Republic Party in the Government, fighting against the rising Chedaki Party and NAPA, this led to a crusade to fight against the oppressive force, unfortunately for Josef, he was found dead in their apartment while Lida and Adam were taking a trip through Chernarus, after being informed of the tragedy, they retreated back to a safe home away from the city while the conflicts rose. Adam was in the safety of Charnarussian forests, born fighters and hunters, his grandfather told stories of the family legacy and trained Adam to become a hunter, if his life would fall into a time of chaos Adam's Journey With Adam’s grandparents dying of old age, him and his mother, Lida, were the last of the Zavat’s in Chernarus, those fortunate were out in the world in Europe, while the rest remained in Chernarus. Adam ventured the woods on his own, with his grandfather’s Mosin Nagat his father before him owned in the wars, which was still in great condition, he hunted to grow his skills in using weapons, the dangers of the political unrest got both him and his mother in fear of their life, He witnessed the land unravel in conflict, the Chedaki defeating the known CDF forces, he was approached by NAPA, identifying the young man as the child of Josef Zavat, and offered a chance to fight for his land and people, to which he took the offer to join, as he returned to his home, he found it in flames and his mother executed by Chedaki soldiers, Adam nailed the two soldiers down with his rifle, picking up their AK’s and ran off, where he would abandon the life of peace to join the war of Chernarus. He joined in the fights against the Chedaki, mainly targeting them in the woods, where they have little to no visibility, one by one, Chedaki soldiers fell wounded or even killed, with many close calls to Adam’s own life. After the end of the Civil war, Adam joined the political theater after his father for Chernarus, helping in rebuilding of the land, losing a lot of his life from the Chedaki. He eventually settled in a small apartment in Novodimitrovsk, South Zagoria, away from Novigrad and his old ruined home. The Fall Adam had numerous troubles in his political campaign, the Russian intrusion led him to many problems for his land and people, he never stopped, fighting as hard against the Russian opposition behind pens and paper but with the government losing to Russia, Adam retired from politics to find a better way to gain back his country’s right. He followed the shadows and became aware of the Chernarus Liberation Front operating behind the Russian’s eyes from his contacts still in the government, from there he led his own research about Russian influence and who pulls the strings. With the information about Lopotev’s whereabouts and his assassination, Adam soon knew that the Liberation Front was not a mere story, and he wanted in. He was no longer able to join the government as he was already banned from for “conspiring against the current government”, Adam woke up with a surprise banging at his door, Russian loyalists out to get Adam, which was known for his family’s backstory, they broke inside his home in attempt to capture him, but they were surprised by a hail of AK rounds Adam still kept from the soldiers he killed years ago, this time Adam retreated in the woods again, to not be seen anymore. News reports in the city reported a “firefight” against a “Rebel”, the propaganda against the Chernarussians reached the national television, and Adam was among them. With nowhere to go, Adam hid in the forests of Black Mountain, to lay low. Later, in the year 2020, Adam returned to light to seek freedom, to seek the CLF. The time for him to hide is over, the voice of Chernarus has to be heard. Liberation on the Horizon Adam stood hidden within the lost castles of Chernarus, away from Russian and RAC eyes and ears, he kept on seeking any hidden militia that would fight against the Lopotev Soldiers and Russian's finest. During one night, a transmission came over his radio, signaling the arrival of a NAPA member, letting him know where he should go, this is where his story begins.
  4. I love Livonia, it has been an amazing experience in the old lore with ZJ boys, but hopefully in the future, the Stags return :3 Great video!
  5. If you haven't received any invitation, you have means of solving by rerunning the process : 1. Go to account settings > discord and sign off from there. 2. Access Discord.com and make sure your account is signed in there as well as in the app. 3. Rerun the process. If you receive an error saying that it is already linked, best method is to make a support ticket here : https://www.dayzrp.com/support/
  6. The winds of freedom blow through the rolling hills of South Zagoria. No chains or power shall grip the people within. Slava
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  8. Granted. Livonia is 80/80. But everyone is inside a huge fortress base. Wish I was Legend.
  9. Well, masks in the shop are gas masks, scarfs, medical masks and balaclavas. Other masks might be the ballistic, which is a modded item and unavailable to the item store because of its ballistic protection.
  10. Which masks? Ballistic Masks? Mind that the shop is reserved for cosmetic items that provide no benefit or advantage ingame.
  11. Alright, do you happen to wear one of those Heavy Gorka Helmets? They disabled aiming down sights due to the clunky model.
  12. When the old soldier has more dignity and respect than young soldiers. True fighters are with age and experience, which can lead to a respectful figure, while the young lead to insanity and chaos. I love these videos, shame I cannot be part of that story.
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