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  1. Oh yes, as PositivePara and Eddie mentioned, weather in Livonia is ruthless, so if you looking for a challenge, it's the place for you.
  2. Well, only difference that is major is the environment interaction. Chernarus is old, but its mostly Veterans or new people, Livonia is more new and has the more "common" folk there for a fresh breather. Chernarus as environment is hostile, destroyed, more war thorn than Livonia, with dangerous northern region in mountain reaches and bases hidden in wolf or bear riddled forests. Livonia is more plains europe place, open, breathable, lots of overgrowth and ruined towns due to Russian attempt to invade, this land is dangerous in the south, but there are more military settlements in the region but more scarce. Livonia has the possibility to travel 360 around, chernarus forces you in the forest or off-road places, but Chernarus is more fit for a nomad living life on the move. Livonia is a fresh breather than Chernarus for mainly the current and vet players. So it's all on you. Others can also give a better opinion why.
  3. Daniel tuned in, holding a silent smile before replying. "A noble deed and an honorable sacrifice to end a monsters life. You have done a great deed. Well done, well done. Daniel Out."
  4. "Hey guys let's have a Campfire rp"
  5. "Greetings, ma'am. Unfortunately, only from what we heard. Crimes committed by Whitemask include torture, beating up hostages and recently on the waves was word that two young females and an aged man were found. None of my men came across Whitemask, even if they did, we had the task to seek and eliminate. So far we were unlucky. Only man I know has met with Whitemask goes by the name Jim Price, Former Captain. I do not know his whereabouts nor his location. Another important thing is that Whitemask is suspected of consuming pain reducing drugs, as he was able to walk off from a shot of a 5.56 or more, either that or he is packing with multiple plates in his vest. I advise to keep distance when engaging as his shots are accurate and will aim for non-lethal, therefore avoid close quarters."
  6. "Greetings, Mister Callahan McDuffin, my name is Daniel Constantinescu, Corporal of SECTION-20. We also kept tabs on Andreas Mata, also known as the Livonia Killer. We named him "Whitemask" Unless it's another we talk about, Andreas Mata is known to wear black, a poncho and a white ballistic mask, he was last seen around the area of Radunin and suspected around the ruined towns. The individual is very careful in not being spotted by large groups and will use rubber ammunition to knock survivors unconscious and do hideous acts on them, we also have suspicion he is targeting young individuals. Another location he might scurry is the northern forests of Topolin. If I am not mistaken, he might also be tapped in on radio frequencies, but that cannot be confirmed and he seems to love being in the center of attention, perhaps why he is causing these crimes, to be put in a spotlight and enjoy being hunted. My only advice is to stay together in groups, disperse in teams of two or more, never be isolated. That is all I can offer, Daniel out."
  7. "Thank you very much, sir. I will ping your frequency when we supply a car and move. I will arrive with one other member, a driver. He will stay away from your property to pick me up after. As for myself, as promised. I will bring the surplus in a bag and I will not have any weapons on me and only my radio and camera. In case I am unable, I will message before anything. Daniel C. Over and out."
  8. "I will drop formalities for this and be equal in this conversation now. Look, it's already a mess, I came from a country were corruption was up but when someone mentioned internal investigation, boy did it take all hell through it. But maybe I am wrong, I was in the mountains most of my time in the army. I will agree to bring the supplies myself, have a talk, a smoke then I'm out of your hair. But I will not, and I repeat, will /not/ approach if a bounty is on our head, due to the fear of being hunted down before we arrive due to our location. We will take responsibility for the damages. But if we are, in any shape or form, under threat from unknown parties which put danger into our lives and one of us gets engaged, we will not supply. You get what I'm trying here? We assume responsibility, we aim to fix it, but I will like to have your word that the bounty on us is lifted."
  9. SECTION-20 is trying to be that in Livonia. But we're having a rough start.
  10. Just as he was about to close, he stood to listen, already done with this, he picked up the radio and took a breather before pushing the transmission button. "To the latest transmission, NATO organization, as it is, it's gone unless they storm back in. Those who still claim are NATO are either delusional or use it as a cover up. We are remaining survivors, I myself am part of the Romanian Land Forces and when I lost my squad here in Nadbor region and received no call back from higher ups, I was sure as hell they were dead or left Poland region. Our mission at hand is to find a location for a base of operations, then we would expand in terms of battling infected and keeping any Russian OPFOR out of Livonia. I understand everyone is upset and pretty much ready to do things that would have later consequences, so I am asking kindly to refrain from violence and push to talk about it and not "Grab a gun for every person with you that can shoot". Already this is a threat and I wish to not pull back from an offered assistance. My proposition still stands, myself at the scene with the surplus supplies we can offer, no guns on me and only my equipment, camera and notepad. In and out and I'll be gone as fast as you'd want me. I don't want armed violence, that's the last thing I want to do. Daniel, over."
  11. Turning on his station and hearing the logs and chatter between his members, he took a sip of his tea and tuned in. "Morning gentlemen, this is Daniel Constantinescu, Corporal of SECTION-20, I was briefed on this situation right now and I am just as hazed as it is. First I would like to address to Mister Keith, if you are still tuned in, I am sorry to hear your home has been ransacked by suspected NATO members, we already deal with a possible impersonation in the field, unaffiliated people claiming they are part of our group but our lists say otherwise and whole deal is coming in hard on us. I began an internal investigation which will be sent to out MP's and check what happened, If you would allow me, I would like to arrive on scene myself to have a look around, take pictures and video material for our investigation. Regarding your stolen goods, we have a surplus of drinks and canned food we can offer for your home as aid as well as working on finding these false individuals. If possible and able, please reach out to me in private to discuss more on the situation, Mister Keith. As for any other parties tuned in listening, any discussions can be handled with me in a private channel, ping through 77.1 and I will reach out to you. Looking forward to hear from you, Daniel over and out."
  12. Heya folks and r(u)oleplayers. After some bored moments, I decided to open up a thread from moments we had with my boys in Section:20 fooling around or maybe catch some good sweet caps and generally a good time! I'll start with today's best moment captured on recording when returning to base. Presumed it was the 503 BMW and @Zamerock being tacticool
  13. The made up jingle rings once more on the broadcasts, sounds more like some news bulletin. "Evening and hello Survivors and Residents of Nadbor Region. This is Daniel C., Corporal of SEC:20 with the week of February 10 PSA. First and foremost, a short update for this channel. In the next week of 17'th, this broadcast will be changed to follow a more news bulletin routine, PSA's will continue to play, a weekly schedule of Wednesday and Friday to be included. Stay tuned for any frequency change if anyone wishes to stay tuned. With the end of February comes the end of the Winter season, and with it fluctuations of temperatures and weather patterns, Livonia will see a graduate increase in humidity and precipitation, which brings a series of health concerns to any Survivor caught in open fields or forest. Strep and Flu season is present, I myself caught a runny nose, with approval of the Kings Ridge medical, I have asked for the best recommendations to combat this issue. If you are caught in a forest, look for nearby cluster of trees so the rain is pelted on the leaves above, take shelter underneath st the base and start up a fire on dry patch of dirt and stay there until the rain stopped. If you are caught in an open field, best method is to seek either a farming shack or anything that could provide overhead cover. If caught inside a city or village, take shelter in a nearby home which has a functional and not damaged door and make use of the fireplaces inside. If you are unfortunately enough to catch a flu, symptoms include shivers, constant cold, cough, sneezing and heavy eyes. If you also experience a dry, scratching throat, you have contracted Strep. The following medication to aid in this is Tetracycline, alternatively if you have a reported case of allergies, Amoxycillin, Cephalexin or Penicillin should do the job. It is important that if anyone from your group is sick, isolate them and deliver the required medicine before coming into contact. Additionally, Multivitamins and good hidration should keep you safe from most health concerns. If you feel ill or require assistance, the frequency 91.1, in short 911. The Kings Ridge medical staff should be able to aid you! The status on the criminal known as Andreas Mata, also known as "Whitemask" is unknown, last known report location was around the proximity of Sitnik. Any travelers planning to travel should do it during Daytime and avoid nighttime travels. Any survivor that has information about the whereabouts of this individual, reach out to the public frequency and let us know! And that is all for this week, stay safe out there and fight on for humanity. Daniel out."
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