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  1. Something something coffee something something violet eyes


  2. I altered throughout the encounter @Duke. If it was information I didn't want him to hear I lowered it to volume 1. For the initiation and shouting I was on volume 3 as I was actually shouting. The entire time I initiated on him I was on the third volume.
  3. I absolutely love this! If people are going to be roleplaying the Russian military I believe it is imperative that someone thoroughly researches the topic, and discusses it with their friends before bringing it up. We have group goals in the forums for a reason so I think it makes perfect sense for people to be roleplaying out those specific goals. I love seeing people like @cjackson821 and @kalyri following up with events, lore, and consistent roleplay for members of their group.
  4. Ok, so after having tested this in game it's not that difficult to survive. I took down 5 infected in a one on one brawl. I took serious damage during the fight, and acknowledged I likely would, however I fought off a small horde fit for a single player with nothing but my fists. It allows boxing matches to be much more realistic as it allows someone to tap out whenever they feel as if their character is out of the fight. Sure there is going to be a longer fight, and the chance of an execution, but that is much more realistic in my personal opinion. Generally fist-fights drag on until a single
  5. Ok, so. I like the idea of tear gas being in the game however I don't think it's a good decision for the overall server stability. The last time that tear gas was in the game it frequently crashed in the area where deployed, and caused several issues overall. With that said I do believe that it would be a cool idea, especially with colored smoke, for people to actually roleplay out the effects of tear gas if the situation is appropriate.
  6. I respectfully have to agree with you, here. Generally with a baseball bat I can hold shift, and one shot them. Super easy, however if people are still having trouble they may want to upgrade to a splitting axe or silenced pistol since suppressors seem to be working(?).
  7. Stone knives are a good, temporary replacement, however, you're absolutely right. I would love to see more knives, bats, pipes, etc. They're already in game, but I don't see a lot of people using them. Maybe if we started putting them in tents for people to grab? It doesn't really fix the loot issue that people are bringing up, but in a tent it won't despawn and people can grab it as they need it. This could also apply to knives, or anything else people are on the lookout for.
  8. This. Exactly this. In the event that we can't do that then I like the idea of seeing if we can alter the loot tables for more bats, fire axes, splitting axes, hatchets, and other melee weapons to spawn. I'm also not sure if we can still do this but there was a point where spears could be crafted in-game. Even with the buffed infected this was a QOL melee weapon that was easily made, easily replaced, and a realistic solution to dealing with infected.
  9. I agree with this entirely. It should all be observed on a case by case basis taken on the context. If someone is ruleplaying and being a bad roleplayer by jumping characters OOC to avoid IC consequences then they should absolutely be made aware of why that is wrong, and given the opportunity to correct said behaviour. With that said we need to establish, as a community, that even if it's not an official rule this is something a majority agrees upon. That's why I like the idea of this not only being a poll, but also an open forum for anyone to voice their opinion! If you've seen alt jum
  10. I'm going to abstain for the time being. I don't feel as if this is a rule that needs to be implemented, but instead enforced by the community as a whole. It is against the rules to abuse game mechanics in order to avoid roleplay, at least to my understanding. If people are taking advantage of the rules, and someone feels as if a rule has been broken then perhaps they should report it. If they don't want to put up a report about an ongoing issue then I would also encourage if anyone is having a specific issue to make the attempt to work it out with the other character's player. Like I sai
  11. +1 Absolutely this is much more immersive. With that said punching damage can be done properly, and if someone is at risk of potentially killing another then I would highly encourage that they roleplay any torture/hostilities through text to prevent a character model execution that could potentially end the roleplay before it has the chance to really begin. If it is something that further promotes the roleplay involved without breaking the game I see no reason why it shouldn't be attempted! If anyone has a reason as to why this wouldn't work, or don't like the idea, then I would encourage them
  12. It's their fault for opening our country with their guns, and ships. ? In all seriousness I'm looking at the group and there is a lot of room for someone to just troll with it. With that being said I am excited to see what you ACTUALLY bring in game rather than just making an assumption about how the roleplay is going to be. Overall, I am very cautious but I've already spoken with some of you privately concerning the group. If you need any help with group ideas, feedback, or the like feel free to message me!
  13. Silly American ? In all seriousness I'm glad you're having a good time here! If there's ever anything I can do to help please just send me a message!
  14. Thank you. I think this is the most productive the conversation is going to get. I have plenty of critiques I am willing to offer if anyone is willing to work things out, but I believe all parties are in agreement to proceed.
  15. @Elrod Did you mumble or did you shout?
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