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  1. Sure, first rounds on you. I'll have a beer thanks.
  2. So I'm not the greatest but I am the best, I have just been accepted!!! I look forward to seeing you all in game.
  3. Nice Now I know that I just need to donate some more money so I can get the British Special Forces Skin!
  4. How long does it take until your account gets deleted for inactivity? I'm curious because of working away and things like holiday.
  5. You put the effort in so you deserve it! So the big question is, did you get accepted?
  6. My first application was rejected for inadequate description of the KoS rule. I've re-written that section and handed it back in so fingers crossed. I heard all the best people past second time round anyway ;-p
  7. Ok thank you for responding. Sorry for posting in the wrong section!
  8. Hey all, Just handed in my white list application for the second time. Last time It said "Inadequate description of KoS rule." I spent a lot of time re-writing it to the best of my ability so fingers crossed. One question, as that's all it said I needed to improve, does that mean everything else I had written was ok? I'm currently 1/2 on the white list so I guess I will find out soon enough but any feed back would be great.
  9. Good luck man. I've just handed in my second white list application for the second time so I know how you feel!
  10. The throat slit animation. Imagine getting robbed and all of the robbers start doing the throat slit animation at the same time. I'm sure that would make a lot of people bolt.
  11. mklucifer

    Your first 3 hours in DayZ (Any mod, any time)

    Loaded the game, ran down the road and got eaten by zombies. Ran the wrong way off the map. Took me a while to figure that one out. Finally found some loot and got shot leaving the building. I think that's was when I rage quit for the night.
  12. mklucifer

    Milestone, 10.000 registered members!

    Loads of people, and I bet there's plenty more to come!
  13. Welcome. You're not the only one. Have fun.
  14. Welcome, and good luck for when you do apply.