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  1. I fully agree with that. The recent updates have only either removed mods or added retextured clothing. At this point the server needs something big, that will get even more players to come and play on it. This mod seems like a great start in my opinion.
  2. The Boys @Mason @Blisna @Trijim @Dongle @HarveyLR @CaptainChips @MrPlasse @Johnny Navid Good ol' times
  3. Remove them for now. Add them later, when they are not broken and provide some kind of reward for killing them.
  4. Wow, first time ever seeing that as a goal. Good luck boys!
  5. Me and Comrade @Spencerlb don't know what you are talking about.
  6. Try going into popular towns. The current hotspots are Elektrozavodsk, Olsha and Berezino. Usually people hang around those places.
  7. @ScarlettLR @Spencerlb My lovely wife and Brother-in-law
  8. I'm not sure if you know, but some of the people, including me, are crashing as soon as they launch DayZ. None of them experienced this issue, until update 20.6.5 came.
  9. Maksim's story Maksim was born in Volgograd, Russia in the year 2001. A couple of months after his birth his family imigrated to Chernarus due to unknown reasons. While in Chernarus, Maksim's family was sometimes harassed because of their Russian ethnicity. In 2009 the Civil War had begun. Maksim's father volunteered to fight for the ChDKZ, he said his goodbyes to his family and left... He never returned. The death of his father hit Maksim hard, he was just eight years old. Time passed and Maksim was now 16 years old. He exercised almost everyday and went to school daily. Maksim always looked out to prove himself to other people, he wanted to be looked as a hero. One day... He got his chance. A fire started inside his school and most of the people managed to evacuate, including Maksim. Some people however didn't manage to get out. As soon as Maksim heard this, he ran back inside the burning building. Every five minutes he would come back, carrying a person. When there was no one left to save, he exited the school... With burns all over his body. He recovered a few months after and became the city's hero. After his 18th birthday, he immediately signed up for the army. He was assigned to the 34th Infantry Battalion, also known as "Bear Company" and was stationed in South Zagoria. Pieces of newspapers, that Maksim carries around with him.
  10. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-717/ Link to character twitter: https://twitter.com/ArturKamenski
  11. You're gonna have to excuse me. My character had a couple of mental breakdowns today, so hearing someone say "Privet" kinda finished him.
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