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  1. Kill cuz she killed me and my homie no taste smh
  2. Server's just boring atm. It happens. DayZRP has been like that since I joined tbh... Less people play, everyone starts saying that the server's finally dying. Then some new mods get added or interesting groups pop up and everyone goes back to playing on the server. Same old shit. I'm sure Roland's gonna start adding new mods at some point and people will start playing again.
  3. I've spawned both the black one and the brown one 2 times now, each time they both spawned damaged. Unsure how the white one is, but if I had to guess it's prob gonna spawn damaged as well.
  4. This is it boys. Was fun while it lasted. Please archive the group.
  5. Pretty sure you ain't right about that Taff. Before the devs changed it so the infected were tougher and took more damage. (close to what we got rn) There was a lot of complaining from the community and they made them easier to kill. I'm confident they can do it again.
  6. The infected are terrible rn, please nerf them.
  7. mfw i get my status update back
  8. Who needs status updates when you got this? Yo @Elrod, check this shit out mane.
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Screenshots taken by @Panda ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. That shit made me laugh way too much than it should've.
  11. Forgot to welcome our new monkeys homies since the making of the roster @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@Rex [email protected] Welcome to the group boys
  12. Thank you for the mostly positive feedback homie! We'll try our best on keeping down the monkeying when we're around people from now on.
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