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  1. Thanks will enjoy when I hopefully get whitelisted, see you ig
  2. Thanks aswell guys! still really excited and can't wait to hopefully be able to get on
  3. Very good to be back!!! Just hope I get whitelisted soon but they have a monster 20 odd applications to go through and I bet mine is at the back end lol
  4. Thanks! Hope to be running around Chernaurus soon!
  5. Hello all, Have finally logged back into my account on here following a nice email from you guys telling the lore has all been updated which I enjoyed reading very much. I used to play the Arma 2 DayZ RP and have whitelisted for the Standalone RP which I have my fingers crossed for and am really excited about! See you all on the fields of Chernaurus (Hopefully) Medi
  6. Vincent was in the military during the Iraq war. He has seen some atrocities and believes that all people are good if they are treated nicely and lives with the attitude "Treat how you want to be treated". He grew up in Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom and went to college studying IT as it was his favourite subject as he was very good with computers. He loves all animals. For his hobby he builds computers for himself and any of his friends who requested them. He used to work at an opticians "Specsavers" before he joined the military and after he had enough of what he had seen within the military he left and became a military consultant. Another hobby of his was archery which he used to follow alot within his spare time.