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  1. personally i have not had much interactions like this post lore wipe, but pre wipe there was a few people out there like that and it made for good RP sometimes like having to convince them that not all foreigners are here to cause damage. things like that are pretty fun, i just hope that it does not evolve into cherno russians just outright executing foreigners just because thats what they are. i hope that even tho they have a biased towards foreigners they still have the capacity to reason.
  2. i could not find them but i know i tend to be stupid so maybe i just missed em, they are in the store right ?
  3. "i should really stop drinking when im working but thanks friend"
  4. *a buzz on the radio can be heard followed by a russian voice* "Privet comrades This is Grigorev Kaschak ive set up shop in small town named ZVIR west of zelenogorsk if any one wants to trade or is simply in need of supplies or munitions come on down, we have food and vodka as well all are welcome. contact me on radio if you need anything ill see if i can supplly and deliver." *sounds of vodka bottles are heard in background as grigorev drunkenly stumbles about* "BLYYAAT" *grigorev trips and the radio shuts off*
  5. *grigorevs hears russians on his radio quickly grabs some vodka and radio and responds* AHAHAAA Privet my russian brothers and sisters Grigorev always have vodka for fellow russians come find me in zvir Brothers!! *clinking of bottles are heard in the background as grigorev slips on some empty bottles of vodka*
  6. Sleepygoat

    Grigorev's Tale

    Some images of Grigorevs time on the server.
  7. that video was more of a joke on me then you. i had it unlisted to not offend anyone, the whole point was that i suck at pvp and even tho i was shot at 100 times and managed too holster my gun and look around like an idiot that i managed to survive thats all the whole stalin thing is like stalin was watching over my character if this offended or came out as "braggy" then i apologize not the intention of the vid.
  8. Sleepygoat


  9. My POV : we left soup kitchen after interacting with the section 20 bois, they left and had said some rude things about all the russian characters there, we decided to not let it stand an went to find them to settle things after walking through the woods a bit and lost all trace of them we got lucky and spotted them running across an open field at that point we decided that one of us should run ahead and speak out to them, i went over to the barn as you see in the videos above to try and see if anyone was hiding there before i even arrived at the barn i heard a shot and then two of the Section 20 guys opened fire on me i defended myself and ended up taking em both out i dont have any video evidence because i am pretty dumb when it comes to setting up shadowplay ,i know not very smart but from now on i will use OBS. after these 2 were shot dead the things got very silent and it seemed we had won the day. i was at the barn and thought i was able to hear the initiation with discord deafened so for me its a little hard to believe no one heard it but im not sure,its possible some times some of us dont pay attention when we are on discord, so maybe that happened ? but it was good rp at soup kitchen. also the fact that they tried to blackmail to not report if we give them the gear back seemed a little snakey. they could have just reported us but black mailing us and then saying it was looking for a compromise is just straight up lying. EDIT: im sure if you guys had won the gun fight you would have been just as hyped as when it started in your own videos you can hear the excitement of you guys getting into a fire fight and then that excitement turns to pure rage when you all get lit up, seems to me the idea of loosing gear is what fuels the need to report not the firefight itself, other wise why blackmail for gear back?
  10. nice to be here, had some good rp with this group.
  11. Sleepygoat


    wow dude nice pics whos your camera man ?
  12. yeh people in chernarus keep to them selves and never really leave their base to rp with others i agree a smaller map will force them to rp but this will def bring more fire fights and maybe more hostile rp... either way im excited ?
  13. to me this seems like typical Grey fox behavior in my short time on the server i have consistently heard of this sorta thing being done by you false reports and flaming people its funny you say you never say you are 503 because in game yesterday you fed me some story about how you are 503. you talk about offline raids yet your old character mukhtar or whatever was notorious for offline raiding. you are know for baiting and abusing the system. if you wanted to rp you would have chased us down. our RP was was fear of conflict so we ran your rp was standing still and hoping some one would kiss your ass. you could have chased us in car that would have been some great rp our boy even went back for our friend rp''d with you, when he walked away you never followed or gave chase you just left too we had Rp you just didn't find it satisfying enough but you didn't try to follow or make more contact. to me. and i'll say it again because i cant shake the feeling this to me, is a very scummy shady move and Gray fox is known for this. i like the server i like the people but this proofs that abusing the report system is fairly easy if you just cut videos and tell lies.
  14. My POV : we were driving adventuring, we saw the base saw what looks like its been left open or raided yes we snooped in the area that was already open, when we are moving out we see what looks like 503 we knew that is always trouble if this is theirs not that we knew that. we immediately left in a hurry no one initiated on me or my group. no one said are you initiating. we left the area to avoid conflict. and this just seems like a desperate attempt to find out who raided you and getting it wrong but it does show how shady some people will be to try and manipulate the report system and abuse it. we always RP but 503 RP is conflict we acted as any one would and there was no real attempt to rp with us, when we are running away you don't have time for a chat when your character is fleeing out of worry.
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