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  1. Friend: hey Harry You :Hello comrade Friend :What YOU: DROP YOUR WEAPONS DOGPIG SCUM Friend : ...... I cried.
  2. Damn, this is a real shame. I have no blood!
  3. Whenever I gut an animal his body sinks into the floor and i can't get the meat.... (I have tested this twice)
  4. It's fine now, there was a problem in my DayZ file but I fixed it.
  5. Whenever I join I get the lobby and get kicked. Is this just me or is it a problem for others as well?
  6. My first day and life went pretty well, so i thought I'd share. I spawned near a small town and met a friendly russian guy with very long hair. We had a conversation about the apocalypse and then we had to part ways as we were getting over run by zombies. I never got his name. Then I made my way to cherno where I got a winchester, pistol and various medical supplies. I ran to the top of a large tower then logged off! It was really fun!
  7. Hahaha, I won't be going anywhere any time soon, this looks like it could be a really good and different way to play DayZ. Exactly what I needed after 500+ hours of play time
  8. Thank you for all the help Burgz. I hope to see you in-game too!
  9. Yes! My application has been accepted! I look forward to meeting you all ingame! <3
  10. Burgz, I have added a lot to my application and one final check with you would be much appreciated thanks. <3
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, I have removed the two incorrect examples and I've corrected the "allies" and the revenge rights. Thanks again!