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  1. Screenpartisan

    Husky's Screenshots

    Looks really nice. The third last one looks gorgeous.
  2. Dont take it too personally about the rejection man. Its a really friendly community, and as you can see, there are always plenty of people ready to help out with any problem that you might have. Its all about getting back up on the horse, send one of the guys a PM, or jump into TS, and find out what was not quite right with the first application. Take your time with the next application and you will be good to go on no time! See ya in Chernarus!
  3. Thanks for putting it up! #ROCKMODELHYPE Im only sad that I now cant beat my raincoat to pulp with a mace anymore, in order to make armbands
  4. I wear a balaclava until beards arrive. After that, I can look as the mature, rugged man I want to look like, and not the clean shaved brat I currently do. So what I would have said? That it keeps my face nice and warm.
  5. Screenpartisan

    Official unofficial lotery

    Sounds like a fun idea! I would like to try out my luck. Can I get 91 please?
  6. Screenpartisan

    Disbanding Of 85th.

    No, two members of the 85th. Not two members of the community. We are fully aware more than two non 85th participated. Ill be honest, I dont know who of them were in the 85th and who of them werent. I just wanted to mention it, since as far as I understood, it sounded like earlier in the thread, you only knew of two people duping all in all. That could be a mistake on my behalf. Ill be honest, after I heard about you guys in game, I looked forward to meeting you. I can understand now that you are upset about what has happened to your clan, since it sounds like it has all escelated rather quickly. I can only hope that those who have been disregarded the rules get dealt with as the admins see fit, and Im sure you would agree with that the admins will do their best to treat everyone with the fairness they deserve.
  7. Screenpartisan

    Disbanding Of 85th.

    In regards to how many members of the community who have duped, it cant just have been two, since several have now admitted to doing so. To request to see the evidence of them doing so would mean nothing now, since they admit to it. If its fair or not to disband a clan for some of its members wrongdoing can be discussed to eternity, and the parties involved propably still wouldent agree by then. How harsh it may sound for OP and the 85th, I think you just need to accept the decision made by the admins.
  8. I find it everywhere as well. Most of it I dont even pick up, since I would never end up using that many rounds.
  9. There are some great text roleplayers out there, who manage to do very enjoyable RP without a mic. But if you arent a master of the dark arts, as they are, I would suggest that you get yourself a good mic.
  10. Screenpartisan

    Increase Posting to Remain Active

    I completly understand why you would be fond of it. And it hink its great that you come up with ideas for what could benefit all of us. And I think that for people new to the community, its good to get to know the other members for the forum, and not only ingame, since being on the forum would probably teach many about how to RP, and reduce the amount of reports. Personally though, I would rather like to see that people instead of posting more, had to read more of certain threads. E.g the formal reports, so new members could be shows what behaviour is accepted and what is not. It would also show new people how things are handled by the admins. I think that would reduce the problem you originally stated, about the amount of people who get banned.
  11. Screenpartisan

    Increase Posting to Remain Active

    To be honest, I dont find it a good idea to be obligated to post in order to remain active. Personally I dont enjoy posting on forums all that much. I enjoy reading alot of the things that are posted here, sure, but often I find that people have already touched upon the same arguments as I would in a dicsussion, and therefore there is no need for me to write another post on the subject. I think of myself as a part of the community, despite my lack of posts. But I can ofcourse see where you want to get at. When people start to recognize the names of people who are posting, we get more familiar with each other in some way. This was just my 2 cents... and another post for me
  12. That was beautiful! The man who throw that grenade is a hero! You deserve a medal of honor when we get the world back up and running. Or a Nobel Peace Prize. Either one
  13. Had some nice RP with some UN guys last night. Jonas and Alexei I think their names were. (Sorry, im horrible at remembering names!) I have had a break from the community for the better part of last autumn/winter, and to meet you guys reminded me why I want to come back. I have never had that much fun sitting in Stary supermarked by the fire, waiting for people to pass.
  14. Screenpartisan

    Bring back the DZRP mod

    The heart of the mod, the community, stopped beating some time ago. Due to that inactivity, the mod died. What Dayz has taught us is that what comes back from the dead is never for the good. We should cherish the good memories of the dead. But to bring it back again wont be the same dayzrp that we remember. So let it rest in peace.
  15. Screenpartisan

    Identity by Asylum Entertainment, Inc.

    This sounds way too good to be true. Its propably gonna end up as another kickstarter failure.