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  1. Hades2101


    That man has a gun! Be careful!
  2. Max Killian was born in Exeter during the night of the 25th of November 1990. His parents raised him up in a city environment, trying their hardest to keep him away from local gangs. Max did not perform well in education and always had a dream of being part of a team, not as a member but as an equal. As soon as he was able, he joined up in the British Army, excelling in basic training and proceded to create a deep bond with those around him. Due to his excellence, he was soon promoted and got the attention of a high up officer in the Ministry of Defence. This officer decided to place Max in the SAS, passing the training and joining an elite black-ops squad. This black-ops squad was used in Chernaurus to eliminate *REDACTED* and was still active in Chernaurus during the initial outbreak. Soon after the outbreak his squad was all encircled by infected, killing them all but his squad leader. Max and his squad lead slunk away to a shed, away from the infected but it was too late for the squad lead as Max had to put him out of his suffering. As from this incident, Max has been by himself in this hell. Surviving at all costs.
  3. Hades2101

    With the sun on my back i can say im happy

    Nice trees
  4. Hades2101

    In our adventures...

    You are funny man!
  5. Hades2101


    Wow yes! Such a shame! I could fly.
  6. Hades2101

    Santa is late this year.

    Nice hat!
  7. Hades2101

    In our adventures...

    That is very rude! What a world!
  8. Hades2101

    Earth Angel.

    What a lovely field
  9. Hades2101


    That's a helicopter, not in working condition doe
  10. Hades2101

    Transmission Received

    Thats a tall tower!
  11. Born and raised in Kazakhstan with two poor parents in a small house in the capital of Kazikhstan. Grew up poor, unable to go to higher education forcing him to join and fight in the Kazakhstanian army in which he excelled. Left the army after watching his comrades die and worked as a mercenary for Russia. After a combat incident and losing his squad he went AWOL and lived as a Chernorussian civilian. Lived a peaceful hunting and farming life until the outbreak, causing him to pick up arms for survival again.
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