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  1. Are these still going to be added or is this a dead suggestion??
  2. Liking the look of those retextures, seem like they would suit the police faction a lot.
  3. Hades' POV: As stated above, me and Steve were planning to meet, I spawned in near Dubrovka and tried looking around for food as I head Steve was low on food and starting to starve. By the time I finished looking around, Steve was already in the next town, I made my way to him as he was struggling and starving. By the time I arrived he was shouting at the fresh spawn to get out and stop opening doors for the infected to get in, I forced my way inside and gave Steve one plum from my inventory, all I had. I was there along side the initiation and shooting of a fresh spawn and I saw that the new people who had arrived obviously had no aim to RP or act realistically in said situation. After Steve dropped dead one of the new people who had arrived ran straight up, grabbed his gun and threatened me and another to stay away or we'd die. He then took Steve's clothes and ran. I too ran off but soon died to infected.
  4. Yuri was born to a poor family, he suffered abuse at the hands of both his mother and father. From this abuse it changed him into a rough man with a tough exterior shell. His education was very lackluster as his parents refused to provide for him, causing him to join the army from a young age. In the army he made a lot of friends, all from poor households but during his time as a Soldier he was involved in some border disputes with the nearby countries, causing him to be injured and leave the army. Yuri headed to Chernaurus with the goals of going to a veterans meeting with people from all around the eastern european countries, unfortunately he was stuck in the country during the outbreak of the Frenzy Virus.
  5. MSF-C really helped with immersion IMO, seeing the proper uniforms and such that suited the factions was great. Would rather wipe it and test then just get rid of it.
  6. Ryan Murphy was born in Cornwall, England to his middle class family. From the start he always wanted to become an architect, from playing with building blocks to enrolling into University. Upon leaving University Ryan was stuck for a job and could not find any reasonable jobs for architects in England and had to start looking abroad. With this new mindset he looked to Chernarus, seeing potential for work he moved there and started a job in helping planning the construction sites of Chernogorsk, staying in a nearby international hotel. During his time staying there he was known for his hard working attitude and seemed to get on with the locals, not knowing of Chernarus' rough past. Unfortunately for Ryan he was at the epicentre of an outbreak and was stuck inside the Hotel, unable to get out, he met two men and became quick friends with Steven and Jorge. He realised that his new friends were very like-minded and would discuss their views together, up until the late nights. Recently, Ryan and his two friends were placed into a relocation camp somewhere in Chernarus. During his time in the relocation camp he decided to flee with his friends. Staying inside an abandoned factory, waiting for things to cool down.
  7. Hades2101

    Can't take my AK...

    Very much so. Uz Maršala Tita!
  8. Genuinely looks amazing, been hoping for something like this to be added into the server for a while.
  9. Really do love this idea, it really suits most characters and I believe it would look absolutely amazing and do great wonders for RP of specific characters.
  10. Hades2101


    Cheers man!
  11. Hades2101


    Based and Epic Alliance.
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