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  1. AytonHunter

    To many generic survival groups?

    [video=youtube] No mod, no Doragonzu. Also no Shogun/most of the members anymore. Since Magw33d got permabanned without reason, without appeal for posting 'Alright there fella' on a few threads one night, everyone else rage quit the servers. But hey, who wants to go back to the good ol' days eh? Those are shitty circumstances indeed. The ol' days were great and I do miss the mod ever so, but I've yet to see what the SA has to offer and I've yet to meet any of the new groups.. so I'm really looking forward to see what kind of dynamic they do have. Yes, the arguement here may be that the groups are less "themed", but that doesn't mean that the members themselves don't have interesting characters or stories that have been created from their group interactions. Again, I look forward to meeting my first group, as the first time I met a group in the mod (which happened to be The Fallen) I became great friends with many of the members, and formed some very memorable relationships with each and every one of their characters.
  2. AytonHunter

    To many generic survival groups?

    Bring the Doragonzu back! I miss seeing them all bow down to the Shogun's will, and constantly mention about respect and honour.
  3. Whitelist depends, If you missed the window for the rewhitelist as the new system was introuduced yes To your character, 13-14 Months have passed since the outbreak so eighter you write up something for those months or just keep the date in mind Whitelist is sorted, really fast response too! Well I'm just going to start my character a new, with a different backstory to the previous one. As much as I'd like to carry on all my characters memories and such, it seems that most people have said that what happened in the Mod days is completely irrelevant. Anyway, Thanks again everyone for welcoming me back! I'll be on today in a little to gear up and hopefully encounter my first adventure, if not I will be on from 5pm GMT! See you in the apocalypse!
  4. Thanks dude! Doing my research now... but I'm hoping that the community can lead me on another crazy adventure just like before! Just submitted the whitelist application haha... it did feel weird doing it again! Hope I didn't half ass it! Thankyou... Mr. Celebrity!
  5. Ooooh I'm not sure about that Heh thanks man, and THANKS SUNG!
  6. Thankyou both for the welcome! I hope the whitelisting doesn't take too long, as I'm eager to get back on and see how much has changed haha!
  7. Clean slate I see! Sucks a little, had so many epic moments in the mod that I wanted my character to remember! But alas, Ayton must always excist somewhere to make a documentary about something, so I'm guessing a reset won't be so bad. Thanks for all the help everyone! Great to be back!
  8. Welcome back SO first answer: The apocalypse started in October of 2014 over roughly a year and 3 months ago and second answer: Yes you will have to go through the whitelist again So I'm hoping that means my character is still relevant! I disappeared just before we switched to the Stand alone, so I'm just wondering if the events of the mod would be after or before what the standalone's timeline is now! Thankyou for the welcomes, and yes I've missed my old friends, Daisy and Amy!
  9. So.... some of you may remember me... some of you may not, and I'm guessing there's a fair few of you who will just say "Who the fuck is this newbie?". Either way, I'm Ayton Hunter and I've been away for a while, hell, lurking even in the shadows, finding the right time to spring back into action. I came to this community as a role player looking for a DayZ server to serve as a home for my new series, aptly named "The Dark DayZ", and this place fit the profile perfectly. I grew very attached to the people here, making some great friends along the way but still I ended up disappearing once the Dayz Mod died out. Now, DayZ standalone has reached a comfortable state for me to be able to: A. Run the damn thing at a decent enough FPS and B. Have enough features that I could at least appreciate the game from an RP standing point. Well that time has come, so here I am, back again, ready to re-live my crazy adventures within DayZRP and I can't wait to see some old friends and make many new ones! P.S. I'm so torn, the lore has changed, and I'm not sure my original character's story is relevant for this... (As now, we take place only 5 weeks or so after the apocalypse) So anyone who remembers Ayton Hunter, he may be a thing of the past. Can someone verify this for me before I go ahead and construct a new character? Also will I need to go through the whitelist procedure again?
  10. One or two parts were obviously filmed in Arma's Editor, but apart from those scenes all of it is unscripted, just the epic role play of this community!
  11. NO.. thank you. I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone once again on SA!
  12. Thanks everyone! This couldn't have been done without all of you! Since I've got someone else recording SA for me too, Streaming will still be an option, BUT... I'll definitely be doing SA videos, maybe not in the same format but you can expect to see The Director again.
  13. I'd love this feature. I've performed through my microphone before, as I imagine many others have, and it always gets people in a great mood. Even sets the atmosphere sometimes too! As long as you have the imagination, I'm sure you can run with it, but that added feature of being able to see their character play would be nice!
  14. Finishing this and watching over it made me sad too. The mod was truly wonderful to us all! Good times..