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  1. haha Nice to be remembered, I figured I'd have faded back in obscurity by now. Been awhile since running around helping Ayton film the Dark DayZ. Where's the main place to go nowadays in game to find people? I was on for 2+ hours yesterday and saw no one. : (
  2. Guess I'll come check out the wastes, see how badly the place needs governing. *At least for few hours when not working, god-damn adult life and responsibilities*
  3. Hmm... maybe, just maybe I shall return too from being a lurker. Seems like Matt Reyne is going to need more .357 rounds and even more painkillers this time round.
  4. BOOM! Nailed it. I have been here about a year (lurker past 2 months) played excessively at first and then some. I've help record, write and star in machinma on the servers too and really getting to grips with the best rp on the server and the players. My first experience on the server was meeting Daisy Bloom and Amy Strange with my friend, and well if you ever meet them then god help your character, but you'll have the best RP on the server (at the time i played). So the potential is there for a great community... there are countless other aspects too which are great and community members, but they're far and few between now I feel. Even I've stopped recording recently as it's just too hard to do so, politics are a huge thing now and it even affects gameplay, i've experienced bias first hand (Not here to discuss that) and a few other things from poor logic set up by memebers (rule defining, ts, OCC help e.t.c.) However... OP isn't alone in their opinion but it's just the way it is. We all gotta deal with it, I'm beginning to come back slowly and consider recording again after writing this. So perhaps take a break for a week? Go on a slaughter spree on a public server, I find that normally helps release annoyance about the community.
  5. Cool cheers OP for answering. I voted for what I believe currently works, and I understand that you cant allow exceptions all the time but my point here is that Tom or Thomas Jones shouldn't even be considered a name for issue unless they were RP-ing a Welsh singer which your not .
  6. I would argue the KOSers are actually representing society a lot more than those RPing. They show the anonymity of the internet and safety of games give them cause to wreak havoc without repercussion. It's like the gamergate stuff - people say and do things hey never would in person because they feel safe behind a screen and don't think about the real person on the other side. Damn.. mind blow right there! Okay I'm open to the KOS-ers as a reflection. On topic though it will happen on purpose or not because good writing is relating to characters with their warts and all. Much like society, a human story sells.
  7. I see OP point in his case , but to clarify you do not actually RP a singer in game correct? If not and you RP anything but a singer then I say okay, I study in South Wales and I know of at least 4 Tom or Thomas Jones' around my campus. It's a common Welsh name. Super common. But in regards to the rules then keep it as it is, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  8. Hey guys and gals. As part of my final year thesis one chapter i'm considering is "Do good films need social commentary?" with such examples as " Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 ) " being huge commentator of consumerism and social class, however that is worthy of another thread. My point is as RP'ers we are reflecting a society in game (one way or another, except the KOS-ing scrubs) and so do films, tv shows, books, media and the whole lot! What do you guys think? Do good films need social commentary? How? Why? How not? Why not? Just throwing this out here, and would also really help with my philosopher survivor. . No poll as it's too broad of an answer I feel.
  9. Skills, too many to count being IRL MLG and all that In seriousness I was a mechanic for awhile and have scrap metal and a van in a locked garage, battle van anyone?
  10. Yep 1/50 according to in game server select screen
  11. Appears s3 just crashed or went down whilst I was online just now and cannot connect again, anyone else?