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  1. Pov: We had went to pick up Joel and we went to return to the to Umbra base to prepare for some assaulting but we heard there were men with blue armbands approaching the fences, which Praetorian Guard had less than friendly encounters with in the past. We had heard that Russo has engaged in hostile action towards our friendly forces inturn giving us the chance to flank them especially since they had entered the compound. I made my way around from the north to engage and ended up spotting Russo hiding behind cover and when I got confirmation it was hostile i engaged Russo ending up killing him shortly after video 4. That's all I got but no video unfortunately.
  2. I Wolfgang Fox; do solemnly swear; to support, defend, and uphold; the Laws of the Praetorian Guard. I will faithfully and diligently; execute the orders of the Legate; and all officers appointed over me.; To serve the public trust; and defend the citizens of Rome; I will show no fear; favour; or thought of personal safety; before the enemies of Rome; I will pursue evil-doers and protect the innocent; laying down my life if necessary; in the cause of said duty. Rome is Eternal, my life is not. I agree to giving Praetorian Guard KOS rights if i leave without mutual agreement or betraying them.
  3. Fox

    Best 2 outta 3

    victory was obtained via paper
  4. My characters name is going to be Wolfgang Fox as half of his family is mostly German and received that name rather than his three of sisters who were givin more slavic names from their other parents whom were Russian altho lived in whats known as Kazakhstan after the fall of the Soviet Union. Wolf moved to Chernarus at the age of 16 in 2010 in hopes of staying with a friend he met as an electrician's apprentice in seek of jobs and cheaper housing and throughout the incident his friend named Malachai was lost after an encounter with the infected, later down in life he became a hypochondriac from an obsession to stay clean due to not completely understanding everything that causes the infection but still wanting to be as far away from potentially receiving it as possible. He is still determined to survive although with harsh feelings after loosing a 7 year old friendship but is still optimistic throughout all drawbacks. Going back Wolf has lived a rather uneventful life after his family was having rough times after the collapse he decided to get a job although knowing its illegal for his age, but he was shot down when talking about it with his father until the age of 14 he was able to work. He was rather fond of construction as it was always a demanded for job and was his fathers job at the time and worked to become an electrician's apprentice at the age of 16 whom he met his new friend Malachai which had the same aspirations and talked of a opportunity in Chernarus. Malachai manged to convince Wolf to come to Chernarus after hearing of the end of the civil war and had an idea of seeking an opportunity to gain experience and money for assisting in the rebuild of old and new buildings through electrical engineering. Throughout working Wolf and Malachai went through life quite easily and ended up staying due to the economic boost which both saw living conditions more favorable to Kazakhstan and now intending to hunker down.
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