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  1. ok so i should keep away from there but i cant know that i schould keep away because my character does not know. Wow thats crazy ah ok that explains
  2. I hope thats not the only thing that happens on the server. No, there's more, but Prud is 'get robbed central' sorry but can you explain to me what prud means?
  3. I hope thats not the only thing that happens on the server.
  4. i am realy looking forward to play on this server. i cant wait to hopefully get axcepted. I realy hope my expectations are true.
  5. Hello everybody, while I am waiting for my whitlist application to beeing reviewed, and hopefully accepted, I thought I schould introduce myself. My name is Hermann Wagner, I am 17 years old and live in Germany. I want to play here because i miss the old dayz survival feeling i hope to find it here again because it would be great and make a lot more fun then the deathmatch on the normal dayz servers nowadays. I hope we have will have some great games together. I am looking forward. man i am excicted