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  1. when i run the launcher the game loads then says bad version. How do i fix this? please help
  2. RickBo15


    Sorry guys yes this fixed my problem.
  3. RickBo15


    Where will I find that file?
  4. RickBo15


    Why is it when im in game it says I was kicked off the game for no reason?
  5. Yea maybe I'll give that a try..thanjs Thanks*
  6. Yea I have sent a few apps in but none of the groups will get back with me
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I'll try lake prud tonight I guess, if I can find it lol
  8. Ok thanks Publicvoodoo..Is the 501st recruiting I would like to find a group to roll with
  9. Hey guys just wondering if there is a place where people go to on the server? I played for a couple hours yesterday on a 30 person server and didn't see a soul. Please help
  10. No zombies were around and it was the floor not the wall. Is there any way of getting my stuff back?
  11. So I was looting in a town and finally getting some good stuff. Went into a brick building and glitched through the floor and died!!
  12. RickBo15


    So I put in a few apps to some groups and still haven't heard anything back. Just wondering how long it took?
  13. Yes my problem is fixed. Sorry it took so long to get back to you guys on here.