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  1. Joey is a year off adulthood; he grew up in the country side of the United kingdom until he was 16 and him and his family decided to move to Chernarus to start a fresh life and to calmly settle down to enjoy the beauty of the world together as a family. Joey helped his father "Mark" on the farm helping him with the cattle and the growth of the food which they had plotted down in their fields. Every Wednesday he would head down the local farmers market to help the growth of the family farm and to earn extra money aside so he could settle down in his own house. After a couple of years of living in Chernarus the Zombie outbreak happened and all hell then broke loose. Joey was out in the barn when everything collasped, cars would passed by his road every hour in a manic rush to get out of the area, he had no idea what was going on. On this day he ran back to his house to talk to his family and ask what was going on when he noticed the door was wide open; he was worried and sprant inside to notice the house had been torn apart, there was no sign of his parents or anyone anywhere, all he found was the blood stained carpet and a trail of rags leading to the back door. His family was gone, he was alone and terrified. Months went by and he learnt how to fend for himself in this time of struggle, his one aim and goal was to find his family whether they are dead or alive, he just wants answers and he is in desperate need of company before he looses his mind.
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