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  1. Cade grew up in Florida where his father taught him the aspects of survival by taking him camping often and teaching him how to hunt. With this Cade was grasping the ideas of survival but when it came to studies he was always into computers and later on in his life he was a programmer for an inter-model company and was sent to the companies location in Chernarus. After being there for a few weeks Cade along with his co workers they were sent home on stay at home order by The Government of Chernarus and as time went on things in the country were getting worse. The company Cade was working for decided that they wanted to send him back to the U.S but there were some complications and eventually the border closed, leaving Cade stranded in Chernarus. Noticing the city was no longer safe Cade made the decision to pack the essentials he had and ran to the forests where it would be safer to live until the frenzied flu started to clear out.
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