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  1. Note: This is temporary until I can figure out how to flesh it out more Toby was on board an international airline for a business trip somewhere in Russia and unknown to the passengers the plane was carrying a few people who were infected. As you can imagine, it didn’t take very long for the plane to become overrun with zombies, Toby however, decided to stay and hide in the bathroom when he started hearing the screams of the other passengers. The plane started to lose control and Toby was thrown around the insides of the bathroom until the plane finally crashed into the green sea. One day later, Toby’s unconscious shrapnel filled body washed up on the shore of Chernarus. He was later found by a medic who miraculously happened to be walking by, and even more miraculously, she discovered he was still alive, although barely. She performed CPR on him and brought him to a shelter where she began removing the shrapnel from his body piece by piece. Even after all the shrapnel had been removed it took him seven days to finally wake up, and after awakening, it took another two weeks for him to recover enough just to be able to perform basic tasks on his own. Eventually, it was time for him to leave and survive on his own, even though he was not sure what to expect from the world.
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