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  1. Very interesting concept! The RP the other night was very fun, left us all baffled by the character but it was played true to the concepts! Best of luck!
  2. Wynd

    Kassandra's Photo Journal

    Pictures along the winding road of the travels of Kassandra Saar.
  3. Born in Calgary, Kassandra was brought up a farm girl on the outskirts of the main city at her parent's ranch. She was an only child and took to the horses that they raised as steady companions. In her early high school years, her mother came down with lung cancer and was unable to survive the fight. The events left Kass morose and made it difficult for her outgoing life with friends. Her father continued to run the family Ranch but he sought a way his daughter might find beauty in the world again. It was him that got her her first camera. Kass took to the art like fire to dried tinder. She took photos of everything in her day to day life, printing them to plaster her room walls. As she grew older, she took an interest in the history of the world and planned all the places she might visit and capture them in her own image. At the end of high school, she entered into a Fine Arts program for photography in a decision to take the hobby beyond and make it into a career. As the course completed, her father planned a tip with her to Chernarus as one of her planned locals due to the locations rich history. Due to the outbreak, the original trip was delayed and Kass remained at home for the time being. Her father and her were luckily untouched. As the crisis died down at the end of 2019 and borders re-opened, Kass and her father re-planned their trip and departed at the end of January for a month planned stay. A few weeks in, things began to escalate again and they attempted to depart the area. Due to everyone else attempting to do just that, they found their flights delayed to the point where the boarders sealed once more. The pair were forced to head to one of the quarantine camps. They were in the camp for a couple of months before a confrontation cause it to erupt into chaos. During the event, Kass found herself forced to flee the camp or be shot by it's desperate guards. In it's end, she now had no idea where her father might be or if he was yet alive and was as of now, on her own in the foreign land.
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