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  1. I like how the zombies are right now. Like everyone has said it adds more of a challenge and its good in the roleplay aspect too. In my experience it made me work with random people that i interacted with more to work together and get rid of the zombies.
  • He was born in 1997. His parents loved him and raised him well and took care of him. His parents werent struggling with money but they couldnt spend a lot on clothes and other stuff. They lived in a small house in a calm place. He was friendly as a kid and made a lot of friends. When he got to school he was accepted by his class and got along with everyone well. He got good grades and didnt get into a lot of trouble. In 7th class he got into a fight because one guy had been annoying him for a month. After the fight everyone was really surprised that he did that. He fell off a little after that and was skipping classes and got bad grades. He got into more trouble and fights. In the 8th class he picked himself up and started studying again and avoided trouble. He finished school with good grades and his parents were happy. He got a job at a warehouse and he took it cause he was trying to make little money while deciding what he wants to do with his life and where does he want to go. He was interested in exploring the world and visiting different places. He heard about Chernarus from a friend and he was instantly interested. He used the last money he had to come to Chernarus. He wasnt sure what he wanted to do later in life. He hoped to get a job that involves traveling as that could be really eye opening. He didnt have a lot of hobbies when he was in the US. He went to the gym and played basketball with his friends. He usually stayed home workdays and on the weekends he would go out with a couple of his friends, grab a couple drinks and enjoy the night. He liked to play video games. He played for a couple of years and when he finished school he sold his pc to concentrate on getting a stable job. When he was 19 he got into a bad crash when he was with his friends and they were drunk and went driving. He spent a long time in the hospital and got out eventually. No one was killed in the road accident but one was permanently stuck to a wheelchair. Chris was mostly fine but he has some scars on his body and his left arm hurts sometimes and more in the winter time. Chris mostly liked to drink alcohol but he had tried some drugs because his friends were in to them. He didn´t like drugs much cause it made them more anxious than he already was. He also thought about going to the military for a small time to see if that is something that is interesting to him. His love life wasnt that great and he didnt have any serious relationships and generally avoided them. When he got to Chernarus and hear about the plague he called his mom and thanked her for everything and he will try to get back home. To this day he still hopes to get back home to his mom and friends.
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