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  1. I feel like as long as the winter Chernarus map is live the temperature should stay the same. Like the zombies, cold adds more of a challenge in the beginning. I have managed with the cold just fine. I have noticed that the temperature drops randomly even with good clothing that should keep you warm and not really sure what causes that, but yea still i feel like the temperature should stay the same.
  2. Wang Wei was born in China into a very wealthy family. His father was a known businessman and Wang followed his steps. His mother ran a restaurant and made good food. Wang has a background of 5 years in karate. His family moved between America and China every six months due to his father´s business related stuff. Wang didn´t have a lot of friends growing up due to him moving countries back and fourth every six months. Wang was always interested in his father´s business and took inspiration from him. He liked to do little business deals when he was little like sell candy to kids since they weren´t in the school cafeteria, he made his mom make cookies and he brought them to school and sold them to kids.
  3. I like how the zombies are right now. Like everyone has said it adds more of a challenge and its good in the roleplay aspect too. In my experience it made me work with random people that i interacted with more to work together and get rid of the zombies.
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