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  1. Nagata Tsuzuki is a former Sheriffs Officer. Nagata and his girlfriend decided to take a trip to chenarus to visit his girlfriends family. On the flight he heard weird noises coming from the pilot cockpit. Nagata heard growling and snarling coming from inside the cockpit, Nagata went to open the door and he found a gruesome sight, he killed the infected with a knife, however the other pilot started to convert. As Nagata moved to check on the other pilot the planes nose dipped and the plane began spiraling to the ground. Nagata was sent flying back where he made his way to a vacated seat. The plane hit near the coast still in the ocean. He awakes in the ruins where he takes his girlfriend to a nearby Hospital. He manage to make it to the hospital in critical condition. The hospital began resisting against the infected as military personal arrived. Once Nagata was back to full health he helped the hospital as best as he could. In many ways a community began there and Nagata was appointed head of defense. However a few weeks in a coup would take place causing the deaths of everyone around him. Nagata would find his girlfriend dead, and everyone around him dead. He would re enter his room, grab everything he could and get as far away as from the hospital as possible. On his adventure out of the hospital he would meet a man named Kyle. Nagata would become good friends with Kyle and the two would attempt to survive together. Kyle was a fisherman that owned a fishing vessel. Nagata and Kyle devised a plan to get the fuel necessary for the fishing boat to hopefully escape to Japan or any other small island that had some inhabitants on it. Kyle was killed in an ambush when the two were able to acquire a vehicle. After his friends death he would hide out in a cabin sneaking into towns and fighting off infected. He would simply get by in his little cabin hidden and locked away from the infected. One day he woke up and a massive firefight would occur destroying his little cabin. He was forced to head out leaving his cabin and to venture off, with the hopes he can find other people and to perhaps settle down. The Apocalypse and the losses that came with it turned the former sheriff into a shy man. A shy man that creates a wall from people getting to close, yet he still has that sense to protect others.
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