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  1. Finally, I mean really. It looks great @Wynne and I'm glad to see all your hard work coming together offically. You guys have been doing a great job at this for so long. Good luck, cant wait to see you continue the story.
  2. As some of the others have said I would like to see the road connected and 2 entrances, however with your proposal to remove the fence I think that almost a non issue. As said by @Aristocrat I think it looks very corporate and I dont think it's far fetched to think a group with your man power and resources could set something like this up. I also like the location, as livonia seems to be very centralized in just a few places right now. As far as the RP goes, I dont think it's fair to speculate on that until we see whether or not RP happens there, but I will say I'm not worried about it considering the high quality RP I've recieved from your group whenever I encounter them. //approved
  3. Had just the opposite experence about 15 mins ago. Held up, but so much more then a 'handsupordie give me all your stuff' experence. Several people involved and they all brought awesome, and different RP to the table. Cool to see how they worked things out and actually created a story between everyone involved rather than just robbing and killing because they could. Really fun, thanks to everyone who was there, keep up the good work.
  4. @Para There as been a good amount of hostility between Umbra and The 5.0.3 since we've been around. I will try my best to cover what I can from looking through my discord logs. What I can cover for certain is the last 30 days: February 24th - @TegsBenedict and @JoeRogan kidnap @Jadeziggygirl, a 5.0.3 captive, outside of Zaleise in Livonia. When move her to Chernarus, and decide to stay ourselves as well. Not sure this counts but it would have pissed them off. March 2nd - @Wynne and @Vandire attack Kopa prison in Livonia with several other groups. The party Umbra members were a part of initiate here. March 4th - An offline raid occurs in Kopa prison involving @Wynne and @Vandire March 23rd - Umbra executes @RocJag, however this has nothing to do with the 5.0.3, this is because he deserted the Praetorian Guard in January. However I can see how this would be seen as a hostile act toward them if he was a friend and ex-member. March 21st to present - The events that @Doctor Ice is reporting begin occuring. Not sure exactly of all of these as I was only present for 1 personally. I think this should cover most of the hostilites prior to that; Umbra and the 5.0.3 began relationships 12/27/19 - A man named Jax, who I believe is @Leik, and myself make an agreement to fight the 24th street gang. The 5.0.3 and Umbra are on good terms. 1/10/20 - A man named Jacob Lakey approaches the Umbra base and begins asking a lot of questions about the 5.0.3 and what we knew about them. He is very suspicious. We take him hostage and bring him to the Berenzino school. Shortly after we arrive @CJ and the 5.0.3 show up. Some words are exchanged about our suspicions. @CJ releases the hostage and things start to become tense. 1/13/20 - @CJ and the 5.0.3 approach our base at Black Mountain, they claim they are planning on raiding, but after talking with them they decide to leave. 1/14/20 - @CJ returns to Black Mountain and executes member John Butcher (no longer on the roster). They raid the base and we officially become enemies. Sometime late January - 5.0.3 Executes Umbra member Jackson Montoya (no longer on roster) in the famous car video. 2/2/20 - Umbra moves to Livonia to hunt down ex-Samaritans. From this point on things are pretty quiet until the attack on Kopa. IC'ly through out our relationship as a group, not much has been done to make peace between our 2 groups. We did try and make peace with them when we first met them at black mountain but nothing really since then. I have no problem with our IC relationship, its a hostile game and everyone needs an enemy, and 90% of the time with them they have been fantastic enemies, so I personally have never really tried for peace, because our story as enemies has really been great. My past encounters with @CJ and his crew personally have been good, but this incident is not about the relationship between our groups, but the frequency and length of the attacks. From what I am told at least 1 of the raids lasted more then 6 hours. I will add that I have watched the video of you (@CJ) in the hostage situation with that member and I am completely appalled by his behavior. I've told you a lot in our DM's with each other that we wanted RP and he was completely out of line. He has been removed from the roster as I will not tolerate that behavior in this group, and I do apologize for that. @CJ you mention that our group lore is mostly about a fight with you, and you are correct about that being how we formed. However our main goal is to find and execute people we have put onto the blacklist. You yourself are the only member of the 5.0.3 on that list, and honestly we have never truly pursued that because how would we ever realistically catch you. Our goal is to hide and gather information on those targets and strike when we can, staying hidden because if we are too busy going to open war with you or any other group, we can't do what we actually aim too. The coalition you speak of was not formed to fight you, you can look in my goals and see that it was formed to protect refugees from the war between you and An Pobal, not start a war itself. It lost sight of what it was formed to do and after I left Livonia, they attacked the prison. That's why I marked that goal as failed, because it didn't do what it aimed too.
  5. Fair enough, not asking who told you as that is IC info. Thanks for answering my questions.
  6. Can I ask 2 things - 1. You say you attacked us for things Umbra has done in the past, yet several POVs in this thread state that the 5.0.3 didnt know Umbra lived there. So which is it? 2. The execution of @RocJag has been used several times as a justification for an attack, I am wondering how a) you know Jager Casanova is dead, seeing as he is dead and could not have told you. And b) even if you did somehow ICly get that information how do you know he was executed for his association with the 5.0.3, because that isnt true. All of his past associations were brought up, but Jager has been a target for execution since early January, long before his time in the 5.0.3, and that was for desertion of the Praetorian Guard during war time. So even if you knew somehow he was killed, how would you know why? You've also stated that he was no longer a part of the 5.0.3, so how is avenging someone who is no longer part of your group relevant justification for an attack? I would also like to add that Jager's radio was taken about 30 minutes before execution was even brought up.
  7. @Para will be taken care of as soon as I am off work! Will make sure they meet all requirements. @Para ended up finding some time to get them done because this is way more fun then working. Please let me know if you have any feedback or I need to change anything. Thank you again!
  8. I will post my full pov when I am off work but I will go ahead and state this is regards to your first claim of characters being switched from s2 to s1 to avoid retaliation. The people on the radio and attacking you are members @Wynne and @Vandire, at the point they were attacking you, the rest of Umbra was already in Chernarus. The individuals that attacked you are still currently in Livonia, and never have lived in the town of Novo. The majority of Umbra members made the move to Chernarus on February 24th, when we 'kidnapped' Zoe Benson and brought her to Chernarus to hide her from you. Quite a few were in Chernarus before that. However your examples of radio broadcast show that you were attacked by Wynne and Jacob on the 2 of march. Nobody fled to not be attacked by you, there has been a consistent presence of both servers. Now in regards to your claim about the cavaliers living with us, the cavaliers are friends who had dropped by to visit, they found you inside the compound and heroically stormed in to defend us. The cavaliers live elsewhere, however I do believe you already know that do to the fact they have been raided as well. Radio chatter for clarification: You can see her last line is "this is not your fight guys, go protect albian" - the settlement belonging to the cavaliers. Lastly, in this rushed POV is the accusations of Novo people running into firefight involving you. You are a majority EU group and we are majority American. You have the advantage of being 'awake' first. Our people wake up and trickle in slowly not knowing what's going on and you are already there. They cannot log, as that would be combat logging. I also have one question for you, I was going to include screenshots of them in this but since you've claimed them yourself I will just ask. If you intended to ever give us room to breathe, why did you build not one, but 2 bases less that 300 meters from us? Especially the first base in Novo industrial. A large tower where you set up everything you took on the roof for all to see. You claim we took it back and use that to justify further attacks, but the way you set it up on literally the second tallest building in novo out in the open seems almost like baiting to me. Like you wanted it to be found so you would have that excuse to attack again. No one is upset that you're back, in fact @Aristocrat can verify that we have been planning what to do when you return for nearly a month. What is upsetting is that you seem to have this idea that s1 is this peaceful place and you need to punish the people choosing to play on that server for that. We expected you to come back and play out storylines with RP, but it truly seems that your intent is to bring back giant firefights with the minimal amout of RP required. There has been plenty of hostilities in Chernarus during your time away, it's just smaller scale RP, not firefights, because that's not what we were designed to do. Firefights and raids will happen, it's part of playing a hostile game, but for 4 days none of us have even had much of a chance to go to our home, because it seems that you're already there if we decide to. It seems to me that a blend of IC and OOC information is influencing these decisions, and it appears that some where along the way the line between what is IC and OOC has disappeared.
  9. I have a bit of a different opinion then what seems to be the general consensus here so I'll go ahead and state my opinion. I do not think that groups should be limited to one server in any form, there are plenty of IC reasons to sometimes move between the two. As long as it's not a constant thing and its RPd out properly it's fine. It's on the people playing to make to do this responsibly, as any form of regulation would be difficult to pull off. Now the multiple characters thing is a more complex issue. I dont see a problem with it, and I understand why it is being done to avoid the badRP stigma of flash travelling between servers and I definetly appreciate anyone trying to be responsible and i also am glad to see the landscape of Chernarus become more complex. I love the story of the 5.0.3 looking for Umbra and chasing them down out of hiding, it really plays into the whole sort of shadow force thing I was going for with Umbra. From what I understand ICly, the 503 held up a man in Livonia who told them that Umbra was in Chernarus, and they acted on that information. The person they held up most definetly had that information, so to me that's an awesome natural RP scenario fo play out. Now what I do wish is that CJ and the 503 members we all know and love came themselves. Not because I have any problem with what they are trying to do, as I said I understand it. But I think had the RP would have played out better if characters who had histories together had arrived so we could better forward that storyline. It's kind of hard to RP out living in Chernarus for a month when suddenly Tyrone and friends appear out of a bunker on the airfield like a section 20 member whose airfilters have gone bad. It would also make it easier for Livonias to explain why such a presence in their country is suddenly absent. I think it's a complicated issue that doesnt exactly have a correct answer, as I think the 5.0.3 was trying to do the right thing when they created these alts. I think we are just all going to have to go through some growing pains and let this develope naturally and ICly. What matters most is that Chernarus has life again, which OOCly is what I was hoping would happen when I made the decision the move a portion of my group to Chernarus knowing we were being hunted. It's nice to see the country that alot of our characters call home have some life again. At the end of the day this is dayzrp, not second life. Hostilities should be expected.
  10. Roleplaying with you guys over the past couple weeks has been nothing short of amazing. I often find myself having to mute because I'm laughing so hard. Literally any interaction with any one of you gents is so much fun, keep up the good work! Look forward to more.
  11. I like it. Reminds me alot of the PGs Citadel back on Chernarus and that was a great little RP hub. //approved.
  12. We may have missed the time line but the search will continue....
  13. I like it, heard nothing but good about you so far. Glad to see Johnny and Hana and still around and doing great things. Love the idea of establishing a new group in Chernarus as well, l think it's just what S1 needs. Good luck!
  14. Welcome back, try and stick around this time right? 

    1. MonkeyGR


      Will do

  15. @Hofer Kullancs and vasily have been removed from the roster since I have not heard back from them. TheMaartian will be on sometime today or will also be removed. Sorry for the delay!
  16. For me personally, the best thing that ever happened to my group was @CJand his boys deciding to 'impose their will' onto us. The RP that came out of the entire situation turned us from a run of the mill, mercenary hero group, to something dynamic and unique. They very much changed our values, but they left it up to us to decide what those values became. They gave as a good story, and I barely even had to write any lore, because the RP between us and the few other groups involved took care of it for me. That being said, it only worked out so well because the 5.0.3 handled it responsibly and knew when to draw the line, they let the RP pan out, rather than just attacking indiscrimimently and I hope I'm not speaking incorrectly when I say that both of our groups got a lot of fun out of it. That being said; I, TegsBenedict, waive my group the right to report another player/group for directly effecting or changing my groups CORE values by the means of in character events. We all have goals and reasons to eventually fight each other IC, why wouldn't we? If I was severely ruining another groups experience I would hope that group leader would understand that they could contact me OOC and let me know, so we could work something out to benefit both groups. I would hope as group leaders we can all be responsible enough to at least OOCly look out for eachother and the rest of the community as a whole.
  17. So now that you're back on it, when do we set up the ambush on Butler? I would write you the glowing review you deserve, but I'm pretty sure at this point every one already knows about the quality RP they're going to be recieving. 9/10, only because I won't hear Benny-wenny and the Horsey bais anymore. Okay actually 10/10.
  18. *He picks up his radio and presses the PTT, a clear tone of annoyance in his voice.* "Could we all just agree to stop mentioning CJ on the damn radio? It's great to hear anytime someone stands up to him, but the hours of responses from the rest of the 'Knights of CJ' give me such a headache." *His voice changes to a more lighthearted tone.* "Anyways CJ, I heard you've been starving up there in that prison of yours, so I'm glad to hear these fine people could give you some of that 'potato salad' you and the rest of the knights have been looking for. I'm sure they'll have more for you soon." *His radio cuts out*
  19. @Voodoo will reach out to everyone today and update the roster accordingly.
  20. This is a great prefab, I absolutely love it. Fits in the environment nicely and will add to the map. Cant wait to stumble on to this IC. //Approved.
  21. I understand the idea that forcing a group to abandon their values 'or else' is an problem, and why. My question is whose values are more important than others? The main focus here seems to be 'the doctors are neutral, and attacking them because of that is not okay because neutrality is a group goal'. My group began with a goal of finding and punishing people who were neutral during our time in Chernarus. Just like the neutrality of Kings Ridge, it is a group goal of ours. People were upset OOCly but the answer given to them was to handle the problem ICly, since it was in fact an IC problem. I have no intentions to attack the hospital, but my point is this; yes, attacking the hospital and forcing ultimatums conflicts with their core values, but doesnt telling groups like the Nameless not to do the same thing to them? The other point I'd like to make is the opportunity that Kings Ridge here has to change the dynamic of the server and create some awesome RP opportunities. For instance, my character has heard of @AndreyQ and to this point has liked what hes heard alot, and just kind of assumed we would get along if we met. However now, he doesnt at all agree with a hospital being attacked. For quite some time the server has been black and white, boiled down to everyone vs the 503. @Phoenix and the doctors have a great opportunity to change that, and create some more dynamic, gray relationships between groups, but only if we lean into it and let the RP happen. Basically TL;DR, I get that forcing someone to change there values and constantly attacking them for that is not okay, and if its constant, it limits roleplay, but I also believe that completely telling a group they have to sit back and watch is also asking them to change their values. I believe that one or two times the issue could have been handled IC and led to some great RP trying to solve it all out.
  22. Met you guys a few times IC and has always been a good experience. Love the lore and the graphics! Excited to see where this goes.
  23. @Dongle we saw one person running from zombies, and 2 dead bodies. It's not far fetched to think what we did about the horde and situation. There were alot of zombies, no one was paying attention to how geared to bodies were. You felt the the situation was tricky enough that you reached out to me to discuss what had happened, and after hearing your side of things I closed my report. I did not know an ally was dead because my external comms were muted. @crashportheard me say I died because he was dead before me and had already unmuted/undeafened, I died as well and unmuted and spoke to him. We all play in active situations muted/deafened. No one was after the loot of a gunfight as you put it because we didnt realize we were in a gunfight. Which you understood when talking to me about closing my report. My ally did not want to close his report and now your feelings have changed. Whether coincidence or not, you rolled into our base very shortly after recieving OOC info that gear you wanted was there. If we were really as gear hungry as you say we probably would have fought you for the hmmwv and stopped your ally who was obviously robbing the inside of our compound while you were there, but we did not, because we had IC reasons to not start anything with you. This back and forth is stupid, and I would rather not file reports. I even told you on our discord call that this is the first report anyone in my group has ever filed. Everyone gave there pov, let the staff do their job.
  24. Me and the guys are driving through Gliniska in our green ada. We hear gunshots directly in front of us, literally directly in front of us so there is no where else to go. When we pull up to the piano house there are lots of dead zombie bodies a person running front a giant horde, there may have been a fire fight, but it didn't appear to be active as we pulled up. I saw 2 dead player bodies, but they seemed to have been from the massive horde. We me and ace get out and jump on top of a car in front of us and start shooting zombies. I yell in game voice to "make sure your shooting zombies and not people". The horde is eliminates and the gunfire stops. I run into the house and shout "are you okay, do you need help?" a guy yells out to me. I enter the house and find a man tied up. He tells me his name, which I forget, and that some people just tried to rob him for the hmmwv. I tell him to go into the back office and struggle free and I will cover the stairs for more zombies. I go back outside and its clear, shots have ceased for some time. Lee is dead at this point but I don't know this become my comms are muted. I check a body by the hmmwv because it appears to be wearing 503 gear. As I look at the corpse I'm shot dead. Ace standing next to me sees this and jumps in the hmmwv and runs. I would like to add that I also posted about this incident and @Dongle reached out to me about it. He explained that a firefight had happened and he was the last alive, so thats why he shot at us. This seems to counter his arguement about NVFL, seeing as he specifically told me he shot us because he was the only one alive. I requested to close my report based on that information. I would also like to add that what is more concerning to me is the fact that at the end of my discord call with @Dongle he said. "Thanks for working this out with me, I hope you guys didnt lose too much" and I responded, "We'll be alright, in fact I think my boy got out with the hmmwv." Ten minutes after this call ended @Dongleshows up at our base with several others and ask to be let in. First thing they say is "Oh look you found our hmmwv we lost a week ago." and make up some RP about a mark they put on the bottom. We play along, because we are trying to keep good relations IC, and it is what it is. But honestly, the whole situation is very suspect. We were trying to talk out a report OOC and suddenly they show up to find a vehicle I mentioned OOC.
  25. Like the changes alot. //Approved.
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