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  1. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Just want to take the chance to thank anyone I missed personally and let you all know how much the support means to us! See you soon IC!
  2. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @Lucas Ossas Thanks for the support man! Know we had gotten off to kind of a rough start, but I'm glad we could work things out. Ill be by the Pub, and the page to show some love soon. Thanks again!
  3. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Thank you for the constructive advice, I will definitely take that into consideration and try to police my discord more appropriately. If you have any screenshots or names of the people you are accusing, please let me know, so I can punish them appropriately. Understand that as someone who works 60 hours a week, I don't have time to scan the discord and see everything that was sent in the discord during the day and night when I'm not there. However, in the future, if you have any problems, as I said before. Don't hesitate to reach out to me, and I will do everything I can to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Thank you again for the feed back.
  4. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    I'm not exactly sure of what you're talking about as far as racism... There used to be a NSFW channel on our discord that everyone had access to that was deleted due to us being unable to control it. People from several different groups were in that channel and it was to much to try to police it so we deleted it. You guys were removed from the group because you never played with the core of the group and kept on doing things that are against Umbra values. This was explained to gentleman who acted as your squad leader in a message that I never received a reply to. I am sorry you feel this way, and I never wanted anyone to be uncomfortable, but as you said yourself, you were an active member of our discord for quite some time and if you had reached out to me I would have taken care of your concerns immediately. I have only heard about it from this post right here. I apologize sincerely that things occurred that upset you, and I wish you would have given me the chance to resolve it rather than "lurking" and waiting to present it at a time you felt it was useful for you too. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me personally in DMs as I will gladly help. As far as "talking shit" in our discord after you left, I can verify that those accusations are completely false. There was simply a transmission made to another group that your team was no longer part of our group. Once again, I'm sorry that you feel this way, that being said I am very responsive. If you ever have an issue with Umbra in the future, please reach out and I will do everything I can to take care of your concerns.
  5. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @apaliics @DownhillPlagueX thanks guys!
  6. TegsBenedict

    New Haven

    Love the art work. Awesome goals that promote efforts from different groups. Excited to see you boys come around. Looks like come spring, Chenarus is going to be alive again. Cant wait.
  7. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    I completely agree. You'll see IC that the blacklist is more about leverage and redemption than it is a straight up hit list. In fact several names have already been removed and no one has died yet. Now do some people on that list need to die? Sure. But that's not the end all be all. That being said, heard one of my boys was in contact with you gentleman and I look forward to working with you guys. I'll be over to your page to show some love soon! Thanks again, for the kind words and the good feedback!
  8. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @TearsFallSilentThank you for all the support! IC and here on the forums!
  9. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @Drbeans I absolutely agree. I am still trying to figure out exactly how to do that. I literally spent the last week learning photoshop to put those together and I will definetly be updating when I get it straight! I appreciate your feedback and look forward to the day the unstable boys of Umbra run into your therapists. It's going to be RP gold.
  10. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @EndeavourRP the uncentered-ness of it also triggered me, I did like 10 edits trying to correct it. As for the blacklist... I'm not touching that one haha. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @FalkRPthank you very much for the constructive feed back. I think you may be right. I will definitely be taking you up on that offer as well!
  12. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @RoverThe two players who have expressed concern with the idea of their first and last name being on the list have been personally messaged. Thank you all again for the feed back.
  13. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    @Rover thank you, and everyone else on the thread for their feed back. The list is mean't IC. It seems the people on the list do not understand that they may have already met us and not known it? Or maybe we possibly know someone closer to them then thay think? If you are offended that you're IC character is on the list I apologize, but it's all RP. Just because you think your character has never met Umbra, doesnt mean they never have. I didn't create this page to hurt anyone's feelings. I thought it was a cool story that could play out into some awesome RP. If I did offend anyone I am very sorry. I'm not quite sure it's fair to say something is "bad RP" when you havent given it that chance to play out in RP.
  14. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    We may already be there! thanks for the kind words!
  15. TegsBenedict

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    I agree, and trust me, when you meet us there will definitely be plenty of solid RP. Were obviously going to follow the server rules and not just KOS... and this group is RP'ers to the core. Just meet us in game and you will see that we probably have bigger plans then just the list. That's just a starting point. but I apperciate all the feed back and I will definitely do some edit to reflect the valid points you made.
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