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  1. I understand the idea that forcing a group to abandon their values 'or else' is an problem, and why. My question is whose values are more important than others? The main focus here seems to be 'the doctors are neutral, and attacking them because of that is not okay because neutrality is a group goal'. My group began with a goal of finding and punishing people who were neutral during our time in Chernarus. Just like the neutrality of Kings Ridge, it is a group goal of ours. People were upset OOCly but the answer given to them was to handle the problem ICly, since it was in fact an IC problem. I have no intentions to attack the hospital, but my point is this; yes, attacking the hospital and forcing ultimatums conflicts with their core values, but doesnt telling groups like the Nameless not to do the same thing to them? The other point I'd like to make is the opportunity that Kings Ridge here has to change the dynamic of the server and create some awesome RP opportunities. For instance, my character has heard of @AndreyQ and to this point has liked what hes heard alot, and just kind of assumed we would get along if we met. However now, he doesnt at all agree with a hospital being attacked. For quite some time the server has been black and white, boiled down to everyone vs the 503. @Phoenix and the doctors have a great opportunity to change that, and create some more dynamic, gray relationships between groups, but only if we lean into it and let the RP happen. Basically TL;DR, I get that forcing someone to change there values and constantly attacking them for that is not okay, and if its constant, it limits roleplay, but I also believe that completely telling a group they have to sit back and watch is also asking them to change their values. I believe that one or two times the issue could have been handled IC and led to some great RP trying to solve it all out.
  2. Met you guys a few times IC and has always been a good experience. Love the lore and the graphics! Excited to see where this goes.
  3. @Dongle we saw one person running from zombies, and 2 dead bodies. It's not far fetched to think what we did about the horde and situation. There were alot of zombies, no one was paying attention to how geared to bodies were. You felt the the situation was tricky enough that you reached out to me to discuss what had happened, and after hearing your side of things I closed my report. I did not know an ally was dead because my external comms were muted. @crashportheard me say I died because he was dead before me and had already unmuted/undeafened, I died as well and unmuted and spoke to him. We all play in active situations muted/deafened. No one was after the loot of a gunfight as you put it because we didnt realize we were in a gunfight. Which you understood when talking to me about closing my report. My ally did not want to close his report and now your feelings have changed. Whether coincidence or not, you rolled into our base very shortly after recieving OOC info that gear you wanted was there. If we were really as gear hungry as you say we probably would have fought you for the hmmwv and stopped your ally who was obviously robbing the inside of our compound while you were there, but we did not, because we had IC reasons to not start anything with you. This back and forth is stupid, and I would rather not file reports. I even told you on our discord call that this is the first report anyone in my group has ever filed. Everyone gave there pov, let the staff do their job.
  4. Back Story Oskar was born in Gdansk, Poland in 1990. His parents were Thomas Andrews, a US Navy officer stationed in Poland, and Zofia Wojcik, a native of the port city of Gdansk. Oskar spent his younger years in the Polish countryside on the outskirts of Gdansk. His father left Poland after his tour was done and never really had much to do with Oskar, and his mother soon proved to be young and unable to care for the child. At 5 years old Oskar was sent to live with his father's parents in the city of Lancaster, PA. His grandparents were dairy farmers, and it was here Oskar grew into adolescence. Not only did he become very familiar with farm life, but he also became very familiar with farm injuries. Every few months or so, some form of livestock would injure itself or its herd mates. Oskar found himself fascinated with the muscular structure and skeletal system of the animals he cared for. When the cattle became too old and went to slaughter, Oskar would reappropriate the bones and reconstruct the skeletal structure, in his mind his pursuit of knowledge kept the animal from going to waste. Oskar graduated high school in 2008 and immediately went on to follow his passion, enrolling in Penn State and remaining there for the subsequent medical schooling in Orthopedics. He graduated in early 2017 just as the outbreaks were starting in Eastern Europe. He decided to follow in his father's footsteps and took a commission as an officer in the US Navy. He went to an accelerated Officer Candidate School, due to the need for doctors in Eastern Europe, where he learned to shoot, navigate, and other basic military functions. After which he was nearly immediately shipped out to a NATO field hospital in the Nadbor region, a benefit to him because of his ability to speak Polish, albeit broken and hard to understand due to a heavy American accent he developed after years in the country. Oskar spent most of his time during the initial outbreak acting as a trauma surgeon, due to the nature of injuries they were seeing in the area. As a US Navy Lieutenant, he also found himself assigned to task force patrols looking for survivors, as oftentimes their injuries proved too much for basic combat medics to handle. Almost overnight, the area of NATO influence began to collapse, and Oskar found himself alone roaming Livonia. Oskar would not let this go to waste, he would find his way to the Polish border and see if he could find the mother he lost years ago. On his way to the border, Oskar met many people. Good, bad, indifferent, he found that most of them were in need of some sort of aid he could potentially provide. Oskar realized that the people of this country needed him, and they were now his people. He abandoned the hope of finding the mother he never really knew and gave himself a new goal. He would find somewhere to set up shop, and give people the care in could as much as he could in this new world, or he would find a group of people that had already done it. Personality Although he is a Doctor, his time in the military and the Nadbor region have given him better than average combat skills. However he prefers strongly not to use them. Oskar is very much chaotic good, he strives to do what he feels is right and often doesn't consider the costs. Oskar has severe OCD. Not OCD like on TV, but actually obsessions that lead into compulsions, as a doctor this can cause him to become overly invested in patients, and he often finds himself checking on things he can do nothing about in order to gain control over the situation. He tries to keep self prescribed Alprazolam on his to fight these feelings. After a long time roaming the back country of Livonia alone, Oskar finds himself continually looking for company, and would rather not be alone. Friends TBA Story February - Ongoing
  5. Me and the guys are driving through Gliniska in our green ada. We hear gunshots directly in front of us, literally directly in front of us so there is no where else to go. When we pull up to the piano house there are lots of dead zombie bodies a person running front a giant horde, there may have been a fire fight, but it didn't appear to be active as we pulled up. I saw 2 dead player bodies, but they seemed to have been from the massive horde. We me and ace get out and jump on top of a car in front of us and start shooting zombies. I yell in game voice to "make sure your shooting zombies and not people". The horde is eliminates and the gunfire stops. I run into the house and shout "are you okay, do you need help?" a guy yells out to me. I enter the house and find a man tied up. He tells me his name, which I forget, and that some people just tried to rob him for the hmmwv. I tell him to go into the back office and struggle free and I will cover the stairs for more zombies. I go back outside and its clear, shots have ceased for some time. Lee is dead at this point but I don't know this become my comms are muted. I check a body by the hmmwv because it appears to be wearing 503 gear. As I look at the corpse I'm shot dead. Ace standing next to me sees this and jumps in the hmmwv and runs. I would like to add that I also posted about this incident and @Dongle reached out to me about it. He explained that a firefight had happened and he was the last alive, so thats why he shot at us. This seems to counter his arguement about NVFL, seeing as he specifically told me he shot us because he was the only one alive. I requested to close my report based on that information. I would also like to add that what is more concerning to me is the fact that at the end of my discord call with @Dongle he said. "Thanks for working this out with me, I hope you guys didnt lose too much" and I responded, "We'll be alright, in fact I think my boy got out with the hmmwv." Ten minutes after this call ended @Dongleshows up at our base with several others and ask to be let in. First thing they say is "Oh look you found our hmmwv we lost a week ago." and make up some RP about a mark they put on the bottom. We play along, because we are trying to keep good relations IC, and it is what it is. But honestly, the whole situation is very suspect. We were trying to talk out a report OOC and suddenly they show up to find a vehicle I mentioned OOC.
  6. Like the changes alot. //Approved.
  7. The individual involved in the situation has reached out to me and explained the situation, unfortunate misunderstanding. I request to close the report.
  8. Server and location: S2 Gliniska Piano House, across from well Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-01-18 3:08 Your in game name: Ben Hansen Names of allies involved: Lee Harden, Brian Peterson Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Green Ada- Friendly, Black HMMWV - Enemy Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: We were driving though Gliniska when we heard a lot of shots coming up the road. We drove up the hill and saw at least one person being attacked by a large horde. We start shooting at the horde to help the people out. I run into the piano house and talk to a man who is tied up. I ask him what his name is and he tells me (I cant remember) I ask him why hes tied up and he says he was being robbed for the HMMWV. I tell him to go into the office and struggle free while I take out the zombies on the stairs. He asks me about the FAL I'm using and says I took it off a guy I shot outside. I tell him I didn't shoot anyone, only zombies. I leave the house and see a body, I check the body and take a few things off it just while my buddy checks for any survivors. I get shot in the back as I'm looking at the corpse.
  9. About time, looking forward to this. See you soon Mr. Falk and friends.
  10. Looks well built and nicely written lore. Honestly a little jealous of that beautiful location. Good luck guys, hope to see you boys there soon. //Approved.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I did not place any HESCO, or use the staircase at all, I never even entered the prison. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I arrived at the prison after everyone else and was told the staircase had already been place and they were inside. I never even walked around the back side of the prison until the raid was over and I only saw the staircase from an angle. I did not agree with the staircase but by the time I had seen it the damage was already done. In the report verdict it says that we "worked in concert to place the hesco" however that is not true because I never touched a single piece of hesco, to place or climb, or even saw it until long after it was used several times. As I said by the time I saw the staircase the raid was over and while I did not agree with the staircase there was not much I could do at that point. I spent 90% of the raid around the front side of the courtyard preparing cars to leave, this involved no hesco or any means of entry as the fence was incomplete. It also adds that we all profited from the raid, however I left them as soon as we parked and have not been back with them since. I will add that I do love the title "four HESCOmen of the apocalypse" LMAO. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned and get back to playing. What could you have done better?: I could of filed the report myself, as I said I did not agree with the stair case once I saw it. I could have ensured the staircase was better placed before anything was taken, and made them take it down as it wasn't. Or I simply could have left once I saw how bad it was. I will add that i will be editing the group roster to ensure that this does not happen again, and use this as a warning to my other members about things of this nature.
  12. PoV: I meet up with the boys and we talk about going to get some storage from the prison. We drive over and we park in a field a good ways out and we all head over. I take a long time to get there because this night is particularly park and I have no NVGs. When I make it to the prison the other 3 boys are already inside. They say no one is home so I figure they've got it covered inside. I go to the courtyard area and find a section of fence is already missing. I proceed to get as many cars as possible ready to leave with us.
  13. Your voice sounds familiar, like someone I met in Gliniska a week or two back. We talked about the current residents of this country and our feelings towards them. If you are who I think you are, then I gave you my frequency before we parted ways. If not, then I dont have anything to share with you anyway. Get in touch. As for the Corporal, I'd love to discuss your willingness to share information about my tower with a random voice on the radio. So hopefully you will he in touch as well. *you hear the clip of his radio to his bag before he releases the PTT*
  14. That broadcast has to do with an entirely different situation IC that has nothing to do with the base in question. My character met Russo at the gate is very familiar with CJ so no one has made any accusations that he or his boys were there. And as stated before. The base is not in fact a cartel base, so it is strange to assume that broadcast has anything to do with this situation ICly.
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