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  1. The character I will be playing his name is Bruce Hunter he is 26 and he is a British war vet that after the war went into a life of crime he was orphaned as a child and grew up in the system when he was finally adopted he was 12 the family was not well off and he spent most of his time on the streets he became good friends with a boy called Al whose father was the leader of a criminal organisation so after his tour in the military he reconnected with Al and converted to a life of crime. While at war in Iraq him and his squad was on a mission to kill a high profile target however it was a trap and he was the only one that made it out alive all other members where either captured or killed in the gun fight he single handedly tracked down and killed all members involved with the ambush earning him the name "The lone wolf".After the war he went to a life of crime and worked as a hit-man for his friends criminal organisation he has killed many people and is no stranger to conflict because of his days at war one hit was to kill a dealer from Cherno who had screwed his friend over not long after completing the hit the apocalypse started since then he has been using his skills to survive looking for companionship after accepting everyone back home is probably dead.
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