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  1. I logged on to the server, none of my friends were playing so I didnt stay long. I went into berezino town and started looting some garden sheds looking for a pliers and some hacksaws. After this I ran around town for a bit then logged off @Rover
  2. What do you mean until I do? What do you want me to magically go back in time and record? SO basically your banning me because I didnt record myself looting @Scarlett
  3. I dont have a POV because why would I save a recording where I played for 15 minutes looting around berezino. @Scarlett
  4. Bruh this kid started talking to me and we were exchanging memes, then he deleted all his messages and showed you my messages. Not really fair evidence
  5. Why would I have a recording of this, i logged in for like 15 mins, but dareth comes and attacks me on discord blaming me and not giving me any evidence
  6. Idk what to say, i logged on for a few minutes, heard a few shots, looted a few houses and hopped off because none of my mates were on. I think its ridiculous that he thinks it was me, He clearly has a problem with the way I rp and has had a history of this stuff.
  7. I'm just a guy surviving, what more can I say? I moved here to pursue a more 'exciting' career. Worst mistake of my life. Now I'm stuck here trying to keep away from these people. We don't even know what's wrong with them. Some guys say its a disease from a meteor, others the rath of god. What do I care? Still doesn't change my predicament. And here I am. Low on food and bullets, running for my life. ( dont even know how much more I can survive. Every day I come closer and closer to my eventual demise. God knows how much more I can take. Never should have come here....
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