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  1. I appreciate all of the feedback, and I was't trying to make this post seem like some type of whinny sob post. Every time I have been robbed so far, I was never in military type gear. I must be unlucky with who I've been running into so far I guess. If you cant beat them join them right? I think my only way to avoid being robbed all the time is to start coming across a little less friendly at first.
  2. Hello everyone, My first few experiences with dayz rp have not been what I was hoping for sadly. The only good people I have met so far are the people that run the soup kitchen near Pustoshka. All other player interactions have been nothing other than being robbed at gun point and even killed. I really hope I can find some truly friendly people in this server, otherwise i'm probably better off just going back to regular servers. :[ Anyone who can point me in the right direction for some friendly players that are willing to accept new members into their group please give me some input! Much appreciated!
  3. Hello, My RL name is Nick (age 26). I would consider myself a seasoned DayZ player. I started playing DayZ back when it was in its mod form on Arma 2. I also am approaching 300 hours played on stand alone. I never have been the typical kill or be killed player in this game which has finally brought me here. I really enjoy the survival/adventure aspect of the game and I think meeting people with the similar play style could add new positive experiences for everyone involved. I have had a little bit of RP experience in my past while Joining a whitelisted RP server on a game called Reign Of Kings. I honestly believe I could do a pretty good job at staying in character, and following DayZ RP rules. I plan on playing a character with a very generous demeanor towards those who seem to have a positive/friendly personality. My Character will focus on survival and adventure with similar people over obtaining desirable loot within the world. If someone in my group of survivors is in a life or death situation I will do what it takes to get them out of that situation as long as it is within rule. Long story short is my character is going to be along for the ride at first, I will have a back story to tell when I meet new people, after that the story is untold for now! Story Hello, The Name is Buck Jefferson. Before our world was infested with this outbreak I was a southern man that lived an honest and hard life working in the logging industry. I never had a family of my own so I feel like the outbreak hasn't affected me as hard as it has others. Once the outbreak started to hit my neighborhood hard I knew it was time to relocate immediately. A few of the men I worked with and trusted decided to group together and leave our town by taking over a logging barge. We took one day moving supplies to the barge so we could survive out in the sea for quite some time. We planned on relocating just further down the coast once we found some land that was less threatening. The second week we were on the ship there was an awful rain storm that happened through two days and two nights that eventually made us lost at sea. The men that were navigating the barge were trying to reassure us that we were on course back to land but I felt differently. I knew we were starting to run out of supplies and fuel. Everyone was starting to lose hope and tensions were starting to rise. I decided to take the small amount of supplies I had left and abandon ship with a life raft at night. I was in complete survival mode for many days and nights, I let the waves take me where they wanted to. In a situation like that body movement does nothing but cause starvation faster. After a week of no sign of land I contemplated taking my own life, but I still felt like I had some fight left in me. A couple more weeks passed by and I finally had land in sight! I've been a lone wolf for a few weeks with no sign of life other than the walking dead here in Chernarus, living strictly off of the land and a small shed I found near Eagle lake. I have good survival tactics I'm willing to share with others as long as they have earned my trust. If I don't find a friendly survivor soon I'm not sure if I want to keep living life just to survive. Being alone with no sign of life is starting to take its tole on my sanity.
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