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  1. Mr. White was a shy fella, he didnt interact much with the people around him but the people he did interact with had a pleasant experience with him. He never was rude to anyone and always listend to the people around him. Not a whole lot of people got really close to him but he did not want such a thing. All he wanted was to do is his work . He was a electrician and he was a good one. He was sent from the netherlands to chernobyl to fix some issues with the electrical grid but due to some problems on the flight his plane had to make a emergancy landing. Shotly after landing they send out a distress beacon calling for help. After hours of waiting they decided to go look for any sign of live. Not long after leaving they saw some figuers in the woods. Calling out for help the figuers moved to their derection. Thinking they were safe the group lowerd their guard but they were in for a unplesent surprise for the figuers started biting and scratching them. After running away a couple members of the group started getting high fevers. Unable to move any further Duck went ahead and would return once he was able to get help.
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