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  1. I am Daniel Fondren, a retired staff sergeant in the army. I moved to Chernarus with my brother to start a hunting outfitter, primarily focused on Russian boar and elk, for rich people. I got separated from my brother during the outbreak and have yet to come back in contact with him or know if hes even still alive. A loner for the most part, I use my hunting and tracking skills to stay alive, and thrive, but will help others that I crosses paths with and get into some adventures when I feel its safe and the need arises . I have a small cabin in the northwest close to Sinystok, but don't spend much time there. I had plans on leaving before my brother went missing but now have a new mission. I know of three locations he was well know for being, a bar in Elektrozavodsk, another bar in Chernogorsk and a brothel in Svetlojarsk. I try to travel between those as much as possible looking for him. Now without my brother I have nothing to live for except finding him, I have nothing back in states, no home no other family, no reason at all. But just maybe, in all this chaos and conflict I will find a new purpose for my life, helping people I find along my way looking for my brother.
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