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  1. Had some RF stop me and a friend and "requisition" my SVD and not put my AK-74 back into the car.
  2. Heres my POV. My friend Clifton and I were driving around in our Olga and decided to stop by Zelenogorsk as we were doing a map wide search for industrial loot and military hardware. As we were searching the train yard next to the base I heard someone (Dantes "friend") say "Hello over there" and alerted Clifton. We then both made our way to face Dante and his "friend" where we had some small talk asking about where they where going etc. I and I believe Clifton did not know at the time about the two other individuals who appeared soon after which we said hello to and then proceeded to listen to Dante. The guy with the AK then raised his gun and shot Clifton and I dead. I was the first one shot in the video. Thanks, Discam
  3. Childhood/Background: William was a model average american kid. Growing up in an upscale suburb of Houston William spent little time with his parents as his Moms law practice, and Dads long shifts at the office took up much of their time. William did well in school and played football in high school, wanting to follow in his family's tradition of military service he enlisted at the at the age of 18. After completing basic training at Fort Benning where William showed promise in radio operation he decided to become a radio operator, and was sent to Deveselu Air Base in Romania with his regiment to help guard the construction of a new AEGIS anti-missile site. Outbreak: In early 2019 news of a new flu in the Chenarus region started springing up around base. Thinking nothing of it William went about his daily routine of checking the various radio systems and performing maintenance. Later after reports of civil unrest from the Chenarus region William received orders to move out with his unit the 1st Infantry Regiment which had been ordered to help rescue various VIPs and US citizens from various affected areas namely Chernogorsk. William was sent in a squad to reconnoiter Balota airfield and see if it was possible to use the airfield as an evacuation point. William and his squadmates soon rappelled down from the Blackhawks. Watching them fly away William started to feel uneasy but soon shrugged it off. The airstrip seemed abandoned with various wrecked vehicles strewn about. About 5 minutes after landing while William was setting up his radio gear in the hanger and started to hear moaning and gunshots popping off from the city side of the airstrip. Not long after horde of attackers appeared trying to break there way through the windows and doors of the hanger. William quickly rushed to the hangers bathroom and barricaded the door. The attackers after awhile became disinterested and moved off in the direction of the rest of the remaining squad who were still trying to fight off what sounded like to William at least a few hundred attackers. A few hours passed and hearing nothing William emerged from the bathroom. William walked quietly around the hanger and found his radio gear missing he checked the surrounding buildings finding bodies riddled with bullet holes. Eventually arriving at what seemed to be some sort of barracks William found dozens of bodies piled up around the staircases and thousands of shell casings on the upper floor where he found the rest of his squad except one with bite marks and even limbs torn off. On one of the beds he found a note. Pocketing the note William quietly slipped away into the forest.
  4. No I was walking up to Bash after hearing some shots which I figured where near tents maybe the shooter was apart of that confrontation.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: After being shot at while going into Bashnya I decided to go into Camo and wait. Not seeing anyone I decided to plant a mine 20-15mins before server restart and wait. The server restarted and not wanting to wait through the queue I disconnected. It's my fault that I did not post my POV in time as that Friday and during the weekend I was away in Chicago and the following week I had finals which took precedence over DayZ. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have no additional statements and as I was not recording during the time the only evidence is logs. The player shooting me did not hit me during his brief exchange. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to regain the ability to play on DayZRP servers and make concessions with anyone I may have inadvertently harmed with my landmine. What could you have done better?: Not planted the landmine and waited till server restart although this would have put my character into a riskier position it was probably the smarter move.
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